Senior Appreciation Night

March 21, 2018

As part of the monthly planning  for the tri-ward activities, the aim is to have one of them a service activity. The boys considered various activities and felt they could fulfill both their love of food and cooking with sharing this with a group that would be most appreciative.  The boys considered all the service rendered by these seniors  over the years of their life, and that this would be a good tribute to them.  

This activity included the scout / deacon aged boys and assigned them the responsibility of  providing a game to entertain them. The group settled on "Duck Hunt", a really old video game that they may have heard of, and if not they would get the basic idea. 

The older boys took on the meal and an activity we called "Table Talks".   We would collect question and them we would have a youth representative sit at the various tables to collect the wisdom and their antidotes of life in general back when they were youths. 

The meal planning started with simple spaghetti, but the boys thought this was too boring. They settled on Stroganoff, but the Brazilian kind, because you get Hickory stick potato chips with it.  

To entertain the group while eating dessert, and the boys cleaned up, we thought it would be easy to just present  a slide show of all the scout trips the young men have had dating back to 1998.  

To conclude the boys gathered together to sing hymn #254 "True to the Faith" 


Recipes, Thankyous,  and Prep material

Photo Library

20180304_172405.jpg (4228700 bytes) We have a long history of helping our seniors. They ask to have the driveway shoveled, and we throw in a quinzee. 20180304_172608.jpg (5595517 bytes) Just like they would in their day.    
Got the numbers, do the math,  figure out the groceries, prep the food. Be prepared, that's our motto.
20180320_191322.jpg (3443414 bytes) Got to cut up those mushrooms to the perfect size. That's a lot of mushrooms... 20180320_191337.jpg (3946069 bytes) Cake crew starts grinding up graham Crackers... 20180320_191345.jpg (3782773 bytes) Need enough for 3 cakes. Really want to estimate on the extra side for this part of the meal.  20180320_193734.jpg (3953988 bytes) OK, 3 crusts ready to bake. 
20180320_191418.jpg (3714141 bytes) Fresh veggies, no bagged stuff here. 20180320_191424.jpg (3871674 bytes) The cool cucumber cutter in action. 20180320_191439.jpg (4092436 bytes) K-Tel marketer Hale shows the audience just how quickly you can julienne dice these tomatoes. The veggie crew then went on to perfect the oil and vinegar dressing.
20180320_193804.jpg (3870648 bytes) A&W may have hormone free and no antibiotics, but this is top sirloin with all the fat trimmed off. Sam, the troop dog suggested that, and thanks you for those leftovers. 20180320_193808.jpg (3501457 bytes) Keeping a dry eye, RJ is now into the onion portion of  the stroganoff recipe.  Pan and Dan Merrell offered their kitchen, and all the needed cooking  equipment. Couldn't have done it without them.   
20180320_211718.jpg (3330215 bytes) Cherry filling and cream cheese are down, now for the artistic part. 20180320_211730.jpg (4127796 bytes) Single mandarin all aligned like happy smiles.  20180320_211827.jpg (3869471 bytes) Yea, the juice is not bad either... 20180320_212132.jpg (3835581 bytes) I call the spatulas... 
20180320_212138.jpg (3615933 bytes) I have enough mandarins to put down a border.  20180320_212503.jpg (3652444 bytes) Pretty impressive.     
 The boys get to the church an hour early to setup. Cubs are not vacating the gym, hmmm.
Bro. Merrel gets there with all the prepared food, and  a couple of the boys. Bro. Burndorfer tries to dig out from the ice in the back lane before picking up more of the boys. 
20180321_192943.jpg (3968808 bytes) The piping hot entrée is carefully rolled into the gym   20180321_192951.jpg (3623205 bytes) Slight bump here guys. easy does it.     
The guests arrive and they setup the Duck Hunt. 

Rules are 1 table up at a time. Boys will provide all the amo and loaded nerf guns you need. As the duck runs the gantlet he counts the hits he takes and passes the info to the score keeper. Score keeper tallies the hits by table. Table with the most points, eats first.  

20180321_193004.jpg (4197129 bytes) Salads are servers and tables start their turns at Duck Hunt.  20180321_193036.jpg (3687505 bytes) Salads are even good enough for 2nds. 20180321_193227.jpg (4117438 bytes) Contestants are itching to start pulling those triggers. 20180321_193253.jpg (4227514 bytes) Some simple instructions, and it looks like this team is ready.
20180321_193259.jpg (4379573 bytes) The ducks start to come out... 20180321_193303.jpg (3681082 bytes) Everyone's aimed at the poor first duck. 20180321_193814.jpg (3752371 bytes) and the bullets start to fly. 20180321_193834.jpg (3811099 bytes) support teams are challenged to keep up with loaded nerf guns.
IMG_4316.JPG (2084290 bytes) Gets hard counting how many times your hit. IMG_4317.JPG (2175036 bytes) Reloading is giving the boys a breather IMG_4318.JPG (2095752 bytes) Didn't quite last long enough though. IMG_4319.JPG (2034743 bytes) Odds are better if we all go at the same time.
IMG_4320.JPG (1987936 bytes) Bad odds. IMG_4327.JPG (1039318 bytes) Left and right handed shooters IMG_4328.JPG (1010407 bytes) No laser sights on these eh? IMG_4329.JPG (993894 bytes) all aim on that guy.
IMG_4330.JPG (1028498 bytes) Moving targets do add a bit of a challenge. IMG_4331.JPG (874198 bytes) Re-loaders are almost keeping up. 20180321_193838.jpg (4742487 bytes)  A brave reporter tries to capture the experience of a duck on video... Reporter's Video of the Ducks view of the event.
Some live action videos...
Keeping those guns loaded, no small task. Staying clear of those shooters. Ladies show no mercy. Taking a Bullet for the team - slow motion
Winning table determined & the Brazilian Stroganoff is served...
20180321_194122.jpg (4396888 bytes) The winning table is announced and they get 1st dibs at the main course. 20180321_194601.jpg (3931189 bytes) Everyone is liking the look of this dinner so far. Table talks start with one or two boys visiting each table and discussing their questions.  
20180321_195942.jpg (3080166 bytes) Cleanup crew hard at work. No paper plates or plastic forks for these guys. Got to consider the environment.   ReviewOfScoutCamps.JPG (109036 bytes) Meanwhile, desserts come out and the presentation of the scout camps going back to 1998 begins. CherryCheeseCakeWithManderines.JPG (63944 bytes) Nice looking dessert eh! 20180321_205231.jpg (3385285 bytes) After dessert, the crew comes in to sing to the honored guests and wrap up the evening.