Scouts Christmas Dinner - for the girls!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

So the boys decided it would be nice to put on a Christmas evening for the girls complete with dinner, decorations and activities. Between the 3 groups Willow Park boys took on the dinner. Our boys got lots of guidance from Aaron Sebastian and Syd Banks. Had an ambitious menu too: butter buns, salad with real bacon bits, roast beef with veggies and baked potatoes (all the fixin too), and pie with ice-cream.  

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Syd Banks, Aaron Sebastian  - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad. RJ Laigo, Michael Laigo, Issac Gagnon, Hale Aquino, Preston, Andrew, Blake  - Scouts
Will & Sam Lloyd, 

Photo Library 

IMG_2360.JPG (1786510 bytes) Dividing up the fixins for the potatoes. IMG_2361.JPG (1385726 bytes) Sour cream, Bacon bits and Cheeze? IMG_2362.JPG (1397276 bytes) Master chef on the beef. IMG_2363.JPG (2425523 bytes) Getting the serving table ready.
IMG_2364.JPG (1394493 bytes) IMG_2365.JPG (1391815 bytes) Getting those tables set just right. IMG_2366.JPG (2138730 bytes) Blake on the decorations IMG_2368.JPG (1844237 bytes) Some girls you just can't keep out of the kitchen.
IMG_2370.JPG (1813383 bytes) Nice fresh Buttery buns, mmmm... IMG_2371.JPG (1272424 bytes) IMG_2372.JPG (1669947 bytes) I like mine just like this. IMG_2373.JPG (1338211 bytes) Nice presentation eh!
IMG_2374.JPG (1792801 bytes) OK, guys, mix it up. IMG_2375.JPG (1445060 bytes) IMG_2376.JPG (1999507 bytes) So I think we are almost ready for the veggies. IMG_2377.JPG (2138917 bytes)
IMG_2378.JPG (1386238 bytes) IMG_2379.JPG (1204692 bytes) IMG_2380.JPG (1302156 bytes) IMG_2381.JPG (1625321 bytes) Now that's fresh steamed vegetables.
IMG_2382.JPG (1793968 bytes) Who's going to eat all these? IMG_2384.JPG (1775400 bytes) Girls!  They always like vegetables. IMG_2385.JPG (1923115 bytes) You sure about that. IMG_2386.JPG (1129296 bytes) Yup, our sisters love vegetables.
IMG_2387.JPG (1236933 bytes) So we'll have to eat more meat then, right.  IMG_2388.JPG (1930146 bytes) Well done on the ends and rare in the middle. Perfect! IMG_2389.JPG (2189721 bytes) This is so much better than turkey. IMG_2390.JPG (2143467 bytes) Wives of the leaders finally get a perk for all their sacrifice.
IMG_2391.JPG (2478845 bytes) Not bad for a bunch of guys cooking. IMG_2392.JPG (2763404 bytes) I'm OK eating with girls at our table, really. IMG_2393.JPG (1827555 bytes) IMG_2394.JPG (2342478 bytes)
IMG_2395.JPG (1914879 bytes) Who's Santa? IMG_2396.JPG (1592285 bytes) That shot doesn't help. IMG_2398.JPG (1605520 bytes) Ryan always wanted to be an elf, well, at least get to help Santa. IMG_2399.JPG (2515134 bytes)
IMG_2400.JPG (2705300 bytes) IMG_2401.JPG (2203152 bytes) Got to stay on top of those waiter duties. IMG_2402.JPG (2483193 bytes) Anymore garbage folks? IMG_2403.JPG (1983061 bytes) The activities are stating!
IMG_2404.JPG (2294737 bytes) That's a big present. Hope it's shareable. IMG_2405.JPG (2180660 bytes) So the present gets passed around and when the music stops the folks in front of it get to tear into it to pull out as many gifts a possible until the music starts again IMG_2406.JPG (1535381 bytes) A lot of work for the first few rounds.  IMG_2407.JPG (1878835 bytes) I think they are getting close!
IMG_2408.JPG (1645845 bytes) Definitely one tough wrapping job. IMG_2409.JPG (1853909 bytes) IMG_2410.JPG (1840568 bytes) IMG_2411.JPG (2125324 bytes)
IMG_2413.JPG (1918873 bytes) IMG_2414.JPG (2600113 bytes) IMG_2415.JPG (1863166 bytes) IMG_2416.JPG (1794055 bytes)
IMG_2417.JPG (2484578 bytes) IMG_2419.JPG (1760622 bytes) IMG_2420.JPG (1222318 bytes) Scrambling for the last few gifts. IMG_2423.JPG (2830099 bytes)
IMG_2424.JPG (2405995 bytes) IMG_2426.JPG (2505298 bytes) Well that made a lot of mess! IMG_2427.JPG (2530706 bytes) Desserts anyone? IMG_2428.JPG (2429129 bytes) This is good!
IMG_2430.JPG (2976602 bytes) That's a wrap. Till next Christmas.