Summer Activities

June-August 2014

This is a highlight of some of the activities we did during the summer off school.  

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Canada Day Breakfast Great breakfast and Hale, Josh and Jeff provide the flag break. 
IMG_2881.JPG (2418351 bytes) Sam came along to help with cleanup. 
No Match fire event Boys went off the Fish Creek (Grenfield) to try out the skill of lighting a fire with flint sticks. Later we played a version of disk golf with Frisbees and picnic tables.
IMG_20140702_195011.jpg (2194240 bytes) It's all about the prep. IMG_20140702_195025.jpg (1422219 bytes) Lot of dry splintered wood IMG_20140702_200408.jpg (2049906 bytes) Then make  the Teepee with the wind blowing into the door IMG_20140702_200952.jpg (2131496 bytes) Bit of dryer link helps the starting process.
IMG_20140702_201238.jpg (2027445 bytes) Works every time! IMG_20140702_201410.jpg (1753037 bytes) Now pile on the bigger stuff. IMG_20140702_201418.jpg (1872476 bytes) Keep shoving in the little sticks to keep the inside of the Teepee burning. IMG_20140702_201437.jpg (2088398 bytes) Lot of heat there.
IMG_20140702_201537.jpg (2341214 bytes) Success if you follow the process. IMG_20140702_201542.jpg (2388267 bytes) No marshmallow eh? IMG_20140702_202739.jpg (2123685 bytes) And make sure you put out the fire. IMG_20140702_202750.jpg (2343463 bytes) Should we pee on it?
IMG_20140702_202757.jpg (2290095 bytes) Maybe not. IMG_20140702_205820.jpg (1302343 bytes) Sam giving the boys some driving tips in the parking lot.