Boy's Summer Activities - Calgary Area

July - August 2013

We got the boys together to plan our activities they would like to do during the summer. Everyone provided lots of ideas and then calendared then into the summer holidays. Boys worked hard to bring together each event and ensure everyone's interests were met.  

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Aaron Sebastian, John Sobkowiz,  - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad. RJ Laigo, Hale Aquino, Issac Gagnon, Michael Laigo - Scout Planners


Temple Trip

Calgary Temple May 29 Young men opportunity to attend.
IMG_2111.JPG (2352827 bytes) Cool rainbow eh! IMG_2112.JPG (1916112 bytes)  IMG_2113.JPG (2475855 bytes) Yea, were the enlightened guys.  IMG_2114.JPG (2572620 bytes) The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was us. 
IMG_2116.JPG (2472606 bytes) I'm the Leprechaun  IMG_2117.JPG (2481052 bytes) and I am cute. 

Canada Day

Chapel July 1 Boys joined the ward in celebration Canada Day.
IMG_2180.JPG (2645007 bytes) What girls will do to a boy! IMG_2181.JPG (2104975 bytes) Revenge? IMG_2183.JPG (3786117 bytes) A little football IMG_2184.JPG (2298750 bytes) Balloon talent exposed.
IMG_2182.JPG (2567850 bytes) Do I look like a pig now? IMG_2185.JPG (2141788 bytes)  IMG_2187.JPG (2286192 bytes) Bro. Snider shows us his award.  IMG_2186.JPG (2263541 bytes)  Bro. Snider's Award for his work setting up the program that donated used glasses to 3rd world countries.

Fish Creek Disk Golf

Fish Creek Park - Grenfield July 3 Boys played off the picnic tables for pole nets and use Frisbees.
Cookies at Bro. B's on the way home.

Planning event

Bro. B's house July 10 Boys put the whole plan together and finished with a snack,

Pizza Night

Bro. B's house July 17 Made home made pizzas and played Yug-io and watched some Aname cartoons
IMG_2191.JPG (2165447 bytes) Stretching out the dough, technique is everything.

Swimming at Sikome

Sikome Lake - Fish Creek July 27 Day of swimming and BBQ . Boys planned food for BBQ. Cooked food in outdoor grills using fire made with 1 match.
Played some outdoor games (bury the boy in the sand and sand ball fights)
IMG_2192.JPG (4700549 bytes) This is a portrait of Isaac. IMG_2194.JPG (4196537 bytes)  I can feel your feet Seth.  IMG_2196.JPG (2518018 bytes) Swimming out to meet some girls... IMG_2197.JPG (2523132 bytes) The girls join in the fun.
IMG_2193.JPG (3863891 bytes) Isaac down after a sandball hit. IMG_2195.JPG (4045513 bytes) Sand does get in your eyes. 

High River Cookie Drop

High River - Temp housing complex August 1 Went and took all the remaining cookies and snacks made by the Relief Society and passed them out at the shelter. 
DSCN2172.JPG (4187018 bytes) A mini-van full of Rice Crispy squares, Puffed Wheat square and bags of home made cookies. DSCN2173.JPG (4063100 bytes) Getting organized DSCN2174.JPG (3760887 bytes) Housing complexes were quite impressive. DSCN2175.JPG (3887060 bytes) Trailers we set up for dinning, and other public activities.
DSCN2177.JPG (4545534 bytes) There were about 20 of these super long trailer rows. DSCN2176.JPG (3453329 bytes) Units were like regular apartment blocks.  DSCN2178.JPG (3418539 bytes) There were common laundry and washroom facilities all along the hallways.  Everyone knew about our Helping Hands group and they all appreciated the kindness of bringing our extra snacks. 

Camp Prep for Summer camp weekend

Chapel August 7 Had the boys get groceries from the menu/meal plan. Got all the group gear out of the shed and checked over.

Burgess Shale Camp - link to Camp

Johnston Canyon Campground August 9-11

Water Activity

Chapel August 14 Boys gathered water toys and water buckets and hoses. Challenged to see who could stay dry. 
DSCN2372.JPG (4273755 bytes) Getting the base stations loaded up with the ammunition DSCN2373.JPG (4020095 bytes) Setting up the hoses.

Indoor Sports

Chapel August 21 Boys had Ping-Pong matches, a Bocce Ball tournament and some Badminton.

Tubing to Okotoks

Okotoks August 31 Boys floated down Sheep River in tubes to towns main park (Southridge Dr and
Sheep River Pathway). Had a picnic at park. 
DSCN2476.JPG (3957930 bytes) Finally, a gas station with air! DSCN2478.JPG (4277288 bytes) Another one, and this one is free. DSCN2479.JPG (4225958 bytes) These tubes take a lot of air man! DSCN2477.JPG (3871034 bytes) Might as well be productive while we wait for the big tubes to fill. 
DSCN2480.JPG (4223699 bytes) Launch point.  DSCN2481.JPG (4395579 bytes) Water is a bit cold. DSCN2482.JPG (4384467 bytes) They seem to be able to hold our weight enough. DSCN2483.JPG (4395941 bytes) Just need to get into some deeper water here. 
 DSCN2484.JPG (4299088 bytes) Definitely sea worthy!  DSCN2485.JPG (4374778 bytes) Whoa, just found a deep spot. DSCN2486.JPG (3675674 bytes) This is nice, warm sun, totally on top of the water. DSCN2488.JPG (3878897 bytes) Not that easy to stay totally on top of the water.
DSCN2487.JPG (4246029 bytes) Might as well test out the life jacket. DSCN2489.JPG (4664698 bytes) I can paddle with my running shoes, see... .DSCN2490.JPG (4805139 bytes) Sam rescues the boys from the tree branches.  Nobody wanted to get out of the tube. Water was too cold. DSCN2491.JPG (4592416 bytes) Ready to be pulled across? Nice job on the knot.
DSCN2492.JPG (4864444 bytes) Oh well, so much for staying dry. DSCN2493.JPG (4688982 bytes) All rescued now. DSCN2495.JPG (4165577 bytes) Just because I'm skinny doesn't mean I'm freezing to death. DSCN2494.JPG (4282188 bytes) I think I'll take you up on that wet suit. Bro. B.