Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Tour

January 20, 2010

Got together with the Mackenzie boys and had a great tour of the Observatory. A couple PHD students were taking us through  all the observational equipments. Got a interesting overview of the research your are currently working on as well. Cool stuff!

Team Members

Dan Merrel, Karl Burndorfer - Scout / YM Leaders
Connor Johnson, Tristen Bryenton, Daniel Urquijo-scouts
Jennifer & Niko - RAO staff / PHD students

Photo Library

IMG_0183.JPG (1884243 bytes) Checking out the moon an the small portable telescopes.  IMG_0185.JPG (2217579 bytes) This one was a bit bigger and we were checking out the Orion Nebula. IMG_0186.JPG (2244813 bytes) Jennifer Showing use some of the history of Astronomy.  IMG_0187.JPG (2317603 bytes) This was a replica of Galileo's First telescope. Not to impressing by today's standards
IMG_0188.JPG (2078558 bytes) Cool pic from the Hubble Telescope showing the Northern landscape of Mars.  IMG_0189.JPG (2586673 bytes) Current project under way called NEOSAT. They take times images of the night sky, compare subsequent images and cancel out all the non moving objects like stars. Then you're left with the comets and stuff.  IMG_0190.JPG (2891451 bytes) Main Control room for the Large Telescopes.  IMG_0191.JPG (2687763 bytes) Checking out some for the cool programs.
IMG_0192.JPG (3014999 bytes) IMG_0193.JPG (2342745 bytes) Moving the larges telescope.  IMG_0194.JPG (1533728 bytes) Getting shut down for the night. Cover the mirrors etc.  IMG_0198.JPG (2838913 bytes) The proposed satellite that will be used to do the NEOSAT imaging from above the atmosphere. About $16m project including a low budget East Indian Rocket launch into the polar orbit.