Winter Camp - Mike's Cabin 

February 15-16, 2013, Camp near Rocky Mountain House. The group prepared well for this camp. 

Had a full session on the physics behind building a Quinzhee
Survival priorities (from Hunter Safety Manual) 
Building up your own compact survival kit


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Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Matt Whitely , Kendall Cahoon. - Scout Leaders
Ben Cahoon, Ethan Conrad. Hale Aquino, Jacob Kellestine, Nathaniel Wilshire - Scouts
Sam Lloyd, Aaron Castillo, David Apigo, William Lloyd, Felipe Cupido,  Daniel Urquijo - Venturer. 


Ethan - Menu, Meals and Duty roster
Hale - Journalist
William - Maps

Photo Library 

Prep Night

DSCN1448.JPG (1868399 bytes) The start of our grocery shopping   DSCN1451.JPG (1847848 bytes) What shall we buy? DSCN1454.JPG (940705 bytes) Yummy yummy burgers! DSCN1455.JPG (953807 bytes) Maybe some of these?
DSCN1457.JPG (1804266 bytes) Lets pack up DSCN1458.JPG (1795833 bytes) One more to go DSCN1460.JPG (1826986 bytes) Just smile and wave DSCN1463.JPG (1814472 bytes) Oops still more!
DSCN1464.JPG (1835003 bytes) Now take it back to the church DSCN1466.JPG (1864684 bytes) These are heavy! DSCN1470.JPG (1867011 bytes) Now to the fridge DSCN1471.JPG (1804305 bytes) Wow, lots of supplies
DSCN1477.JPG (1800461 bytes) Come pack up the truck DSCN1479.JPG (1846637 bytes) Good thing scout leaders only drive trucks or vans.

At Mike's Place

DSCN1480.JPG (1149026 bytes) Turn right at the dead horse. DSCN1481.JPG (1794425 bytes) That's a horse? DSCN1482.JPG (1797941 bytes) Yup, white fur, old guy. 
DSCN1484.JPG (1853709 bytes) Quinzhee construction crew, armed and ready... DSCN1487.JPG (1811939 bytes) There's your building material DSCN1489.JPG (1788537 bytes) Central heating. DSCN1491.JPG (2015821 bytes) Water Supply (in 6 months)
DSCN1490.JPG (1890191 bytes) Woops! To close! Where's that zoom button? DSCN1492.JPG (1870430 bytes) Setting up the foundations DSCN1493.JPG (1869138 bytes) Might have some urban crowding going on here...
DSCN1494.JPG (1864836 bytes) Packing it down nice. DSCN1495.JPG (980416 bytes) Nice action shot, eh! DSCN1497.JPG (1872880 bytes) The building material is getting used up quickly. DSCN1504.JPG (1853688 bytes) There, almost high enough for me to stand up in.
DSCN1505.JPG (1877236 bytes) Need to import more snow now.  DSCN1506.JPG (1775727 bytes) Even better action shot! DSCN1507.JPG (1841574 bytes) No slackers on this job site! DSCN1508.JPG (1805466 bytes) Dropped the jackets, toques and mitts a long time ago, whew!
DSCN1509.JPG (1846041 bytes) Lets work to a rhythm  guys! DSCN1510.JPG (1841766 bytes) Did I bring my shorts? DSCN1511.JPG (1828235 bytes) OK guys, Columbia, it's not. DSCN1512.JPG (1856585 bytes) Toss in some of the grass, just like those bricks this Israelites made before leaving Egypt.
DSCN1513.JPG (1816437 bytes) Hey, you got snow down my pants! DSCN1514.JPG (1858892 bytes) This is the 4 person bungalow here. DSCN1515.JPG (1879181 bytes) Need a bigger shovel here.  DSCN1516.JPG (1915585 bytes) Passing on construction trade secrets.
DSCN1517.JPG (1900981 bytes) That's a wrap for this one. DSCN1518.JPG (1825613 bytes) Got that load of imported snow for ya! DSCN1519.JPG (1818099 bytes) Dang, this stuff is heavy! DSCN1520.JPG (1799076 bytes) Heeeeeeeave! 
DSCN1521.jpg (302318 bytes) Video version

Time to let the snow sinter...

IMG_1870.JPG (2806764 bytes) Construction crew now switches modes to getting the crew kitchen ready.  IMG_1871.JPG (1900767 bytes) Not sure I can hang in there till the kitchens up and cookin!  IMG_1872.JPG (2471450 bytes) I'm the seu chef in charge of Bangers and Mash IMG_1873.JPG (2541447 bytes) Synchronized fence climbing 
IMG_1874.JPG (2406202 bytes) Forget the sno-cone ball, I need to get a lot of this into me fast. Drop that body temp now! IMG_1875.JPG (2766029 bytes) Tangy, whow!  IMG_1876.JPG (3120117 bytes) Snow sculpture classes from our resident expert
IMG_1877.JPG (2723951 bytes) Visualize the van as a motorboat, the graded snow as a water wake, and then us skiffing on of the water (frozen) IMG_1880.JPG (3448872 bytes) Tubing a subzero, ya! IMG_1884.JPG (2301509 bytes) So these sticks stuffed down our pants, we can pretend they're fish. right? IMG_1889.jpg (200666 bytes) The video version...
IMG_1895.jpg (263267 bytes) Hi speed video version IMG_1899.JPG (2578514 bytes) Sure can pack a lot of snow into a boot doing this.  IMG_1888.JPG (2793454 bytes) More speed, we can handle it, really! IMG_1891.JPG (2863543 bytes) Lost a couple back there. 
IMG_1927.JPG (2665315 bytes) Nursing a casualty back to health. So that's white chocolate you wanted with those strawberries?  Right on it. 
IMG_1928.JPG (2158057 bytes) It's important you make a nice door for your home, I like blue IMG_1929.JPG (2021940 bytes) It's important to keep the doorway as small as you can!  Can you pull me in Ethan? IMG_1930.JPG (2130766 bytes) Oh ya, no shoes in the house. IMG_1931.JPG (1926029 bytes) Ah the influence of the RS. Home made crafts to adorn our entrance.

Morning Time


 IMG_1933.JPG (2090555 bytes)Shee, my boots turned into ice blocks.

IMG_1936.JPG (3011428 bytes) Too cold out there to leave our warm beds.  IMG_1937.JPG (2459042 bytes) Chefs start to consult... Lets see the Iron chef pull off a meal in these conditions.
IMG_1939.JPG (2103171 bytes) Bacon deep fried in it's own juices, and 1st dozen eggs.  IMG_1940.JPG (2328597 bytes) This is the 2nd dozen, these are coddled to perfection, still runny yolks IMG_1941.JPG (2424645 bytes) 2nd 3lb batch of deep fried bacon. Now we have enough drippings for the pancakes to start. IMG_1943.JPG (2152706 bytes) After seasoning the grill and applying a thin brushing of bacon fat, these babies are perfect. 
IMG_1944.JPG (2072321 bytes) Very pleasant bouquet, the fork easily breaks through the tender crispness, Oh and the hint of maple syrup put just the right amount of sweetness on your pallet.  8.8 out of 10 I'd say.  IMG_1945.JPG (3114324 bytes) Was that a Russian spy over there?  Don't know, we better look into this. IMG_1946.JPG (2771904 bytes) I caught a glimpse of him over there. What did the range finder say?  IMG_1947.JPG (3304687 bytes) 100 meters south east from here, You pack the sniper rifle, I'll take the chain saw. 
IMG_1948.JPG (2418416 bytes) Glad those guys had the energy to track down Russian spys, I can't move after all that breakfast.  IMG_1949.JPG (2142454 bytes) The scent of bacon attracted wildlife from all around... IMG_1950.JPG (2703906 bytes) Bacon fat soup with dumplings, that will carry you though a long hike.  IMG_1951.JPG (2218073 bytes) Michael Angelo trying out his inverted shell spin. 
IMG_1952.JPG (2202220 bytes) Whao, where'd my nunchucks go? IMG_1953.JPG (3453795 bytes) By horsy, maybe see ya next year.

Finishing off the leftover groceries

DSCN1523.JPG (1818793 bytes) OK, that's the strawberries, raspberries, apples, bananas, blue berries, pears, grapes and Honey dew. DSCN1524.JPG (1771361 bytes) Got some cantaloupe ready here. DSCN1525.JPG (1808935 bytes) Got some whole mandarin segments coming here. DSCN1526.JPG (1802142 bytes) Chocolate is ready, lets dive in guys...
DSCN1527.JPG (1816610 bytes) Hey, that's my strawberry, bud, back off. DSCN1528.JPG (1809194 bytes) Some rapid consumption going on here... DSCN1529.JPG (1873281 bytes) This is soooo good... DSCN1530.JPG (1839691 bytes) Running low on strawberries here.
DSCN1531.JPG (1824094 bytes) Can I lick the bowl?

Now that's a camp!