River Cover - Winter Camp

February 17-19, 2011

This was a Stake camp enjoyed by all the other scout groups in the Calgary South Stake. No record breaking cold temperatures this year. The snow was definitely thinner, but the plows did build up some nice piles for our quinces.   

Our Team Members

Kendall Cahoon, Stewart Lang, Karl Burndorfer - Scout / YM Leaders
Sam Lloyd, William Lloyd, Kevin DeOliveira, Daniel Urquijo - Scouts

Photo Library

IMG_0498.JPG (2733209 bytes) First thing we do at camp is Eat , Right? IMG_0499.JPG (2908910 bytes) I'm good with that! IMG_0500.JPG (2638195 bytes) This Sloppy Joe dinner is pretty good. Hey can you help me, I think I got some of it in my eye. IMG_0501.JPG (2868598 bytes) You mean we get cheese slices with the sloppy Joe. 
IMG_0502.JPG (901840 bytes) The grated cheese is better. IMG_0503.JPG (861163 bytes) Warmth and food, doesn't get better than this.  IMG_0504.JPG (2721591 bytes) One satisfied customer makes room for the next.  IMG_0505.JPG (1579174 bytes) There's some food left, right?
IMG_0506.JPG (2872743 bytes) How's the light now?  IMG_0507.JPG (2746566 bytes) Still a good pile of snow to get out of there... IMG_0508.JPG (2529733 bytes) I think there's room for 2 now.  IMG_0509.JPG (2806345 bytes) OK, were good for 3 now. 
IMG_0510.JPG (1942245 bytes) I'll just hang around the kitchen if you guys don't mind. IMG_0512.JPG (2403423 bytes) Think you need a little cleanup job here around the garbage.  IMG_0513.JPG (1872791 bytes) Sure, I still got room for a chip. IMG_0515.JPG (2902458 bytes) Whoa, am I stiffed. Coyote comes along now and I'm toast. 
IMG_0516.JPG (2406324 bytes) Not everyone is sleeping in the snow. IMG_0517.JPG (2604447 bytes) Could you set the thermostat to 20C. Good thanks.  IMG_0518.JPG (2601008 bytes) Could have swore my mom packed my thermal pajamas. IMG_0519.JPG (2657157 bytes) Ah, there they are.
IMG_0521.JPG (2221217 bytes) It will be a bit yet before were ready for sleeping in here. IMG_0522.JPG (3005524 bytes) OK let's celebrate the completion of our quince with some style! IMG_0523.JPG (2707509 bytes) Oh, this should get everyone attention... IMG_0525.JPG (2255609 bytes) Boom!
IMG_0526.JPG (2148333 bytes) That's not the ranger coming up is it? IMG_0527.JPG (2469166 bytes) OK last one, wait it fell over guys, Run... IMG_0532.JPG (2200166 bytes) You sure I can't sleep in the kitchen?
IMG_0534.JPG (3506019 bytes) Out for the morning bathroom walk.  IMG_0535.JPG (1795142 bytes) No yellow snow around this entrance.  IMG_0536.JPG (2257186 bytes) Looks like someone else is getting up over there. IMG_0537.JPG (2264667 bytes) Need to get these guys up for breakfast.
IMG_0538.JPG (1326253 bytes) Breakfast, it's about time... IMG_0540.JPG (2366936 bytes) The flap jack are on! IMG_0542.JPG (2146523 bytes) and the only grapefruit on camp goes to... IMG_0543.JPG (2245297 bytes) Entonces, ¿cómo hacen ángel? 
IMG_0544.JPG (2352834 bytes) Ah, si. IMG_0545.JPG (2832613 bytes) Task: make a roaring fire and melt the snow off all the benches, then roast wieners.  IMG_0546.JPG (3195021 bytes) Quit chucking out big blocks of snow! IMG_0547.JPG (2714123 bytes) Sorry man. didn't know you were right out the door. 
Afternoon Activities...
Woodworking in the Wilds Cooking an egg on hobo stoves without using a match Winter Camo Commando
IMG_0549.JPG (2309596 bytes) So I whittled my stick down to a bow.  IMG_0550.JPG (620089 bytes) I think mine is better. IMG_0551.JPG (2510560 bytes) Just getting that piercing dagger tip on the arrow. IMG_0552.JPG (2627312 bytes) Alright, lets go shoot something.
IMG_0554.JPG (3365671 bytes) OK, one chop and it's split, watch. IMG_0555.JPG (2541661 bytes) No match fire starting contest, no problem. So no volatile fluids either? IMG_0556.JPG (2828986 bytes) I think it's going! IMG_0557.JPG (2597707 bytes) A few more scrapes of the flint and...
IMG_0558.JPG (2657756 bytes) Pre-setup is crucial. Which way is the wind blowing? IMG_0559.JPG (2516241 bytes) So you're thinking Vaseline is something you could find in the wild to help start a fire? IMG_0560.JPG (2545804 bytes) Now if I could just rub my arrow really fast... IMG_0561.JPG (3479788 bytes) Let me know when you get that egg ready for me...
IMG_0562.JPG (3936989 bytes) A guy could starve waiting for these eggs to get cooked. IMG_0563.JPG (3256590 bytes) Success in numbers... IMG_0564.JPG (3095099 bytes) Need more tinder. IMG_0566.JPG (3641240 bytes) Snow angels to earth worms.
IMG_0567.JPG (2746455 bytes) For those who cooked an egg, you can move on to the second course.  IMG_0568.JPG (2920612 bytes) I sure hope he drops the wiener... IMG_0569.JPG (2750708 bytes) Yea, you're right, too much ash on this one, I'll have to eat it for you.  IMG_0570.JPG (3280600 bytes) Kind of roasting my face as much as this meal. 
IMG_0571.JPG (2637451 bytes) I'm sorry, I saw that touch the ground. Hygiene rules you know.  IMG_0572.JPG (2878208 bytes) Tough job, but someone's got to do it. IMG_0573.JPG (2741536 bytes) OK, my eggs ready now. IMG_0574.JPG (2797144 bytes) Seems a bit raw on top. Do you think he'll notice?
IMG_0575.JPG (2972662 bytes) I'll be right there, just finishing of the other guys egg. Hope yours is a bit runnier. IMG_0576.JPG (3144970 bytes) Oh yea, just the way I like it!
IMG_0577.JPG (3369865 bytes) Time to work off all those lunch carbs. IMG_0578.JPG (3445677 bytes) Giving it your all. IMG_0579.JPG (3360112 bytes) Where's the net again? IMG_0580.JPG (3253269 bytes) Some tough competition boy.
IMG_0581.JPG (3412894 bytes) Sticks as javelins, but he still got passed.  IMG_0582.JPG (3145328 bytes) OK, maybe I shouldn't have hooked you like that.
IMG_0583.JPG (2916705 bytes) Snow camo squad getting briefed. IMG_0584.JPG (2843798 bytes) So do you think this hood helps me blend in? IMG_0585.JPG (2861639 bytes) OK, were ready for this.
IMG_0586.JPG (3204300 bytes) Want to see me chop this log in half? One swing. IMG_0587.JPG (3179919 bytes) you're on. Watch the technique.
IMG_0591.JPG (1683281 bytes) The view from inside your 4 sq. meter quince. Remax video.  IMG_0592.JPG (1647571 bytes) Just close off the door and you keep the heat in. IMG_0593.JPG (2129683 bytes) Gets quite bright with minimal lighting. a real energy saver home. 
IMG_0594.JPG (2431540 bytes) I helped dig a bit of this one, well there was a bone under that part of the snow.  IMG_0595.JPG (2582534 bytes) Kendall upgrades to a larger unit for night 2.   IMG_0596.JPG (2686920 bytes) Oh yea, lots more Sq. footage capabilities here. Keep digging. IMG_0597.JPG (2279992 bytes) Wrapping it up with some end of the day hockey.