River Cover - Winter Camp

Day Two - February 12, 2010

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IMG_0222.JPG (1901079 bytes) Call to order. IMG_0223.JPG (1846872 bytes) Getting the teams together IMG_0224.JPG (2290104 bytes) The after breakfast  cleanup team thins down to those who need to keep their hands warm.  IMG_0225.JPG (2453602 bytes) So everyone has to get over the rope without touching it eh. We can do this.
IMG_0226.JPG (1948449 bytes) Just pick them up and throw them over... IMG_0227.JPG (2264164 bytes) What happens to the last guy now? IMG_0228.JPG (2776623 bytes) Daniel with his home made ice pick. Not helping too much.  IMG_0229.JPG (2835914 bytes) Who need a stupid ice pick anyways.
IMG_0230.JPG (2651223 bytes) So Tristian, want my ice pick.  IMG_0231.JPG (2801616 bytes) This next activity was the Man Hunt. Could that be him? IMG_0232.JPG (3003285 bytes) Nope, just our guys. IMG_0233.JPG (2929207 bytes) Maybe they fell through the ice. We should check under it. Save a life maybe.  Never know. 
IMG_0234.JPG (2891229 bytes) Thicker that it looked.  IMG_0235.JPG (3006806 bytes) Sam chasing those bubbles. Where do they come from? IMG_0236.JPG (2783707 bytes) I just threw a piece of ice at that rock, but I guess it was actually a boot. sorry.
IMG_0237.JPG (2794577 bytes) The Arizona guy acclimatizing well. Rest of us are still in parkas, toques and mitts IMG_0238.JPG (2558684 bytes) Hockey opportunities IMG_0239.JPG (2423017 bytes) he takes it up, shoots, its saved! IMG_0240.JPG (2329413 bytes) After an intense bush waking hike, we make it to the tobogganing run. First run was a bit tough as we needed to groom the trail. 
IMG_0241.JPG (2289288 bytes) Not a bad run though... Taking out Sam on the high speed run down...  IMG_0245.JPG (1847469 bytes) Hey guys, this stuff is way slippery, check it out!  IMG_0246.JPG (1688222 bytes) Whoa, I'm going down!
  Dance competition. The Glide master 4 wheel drive claws in action.  IMG_0249.JPG (2694949 bytes) Finding an alternate route back by staying along the bank soon forced us to climb a steep wall to get back to the original trail.  
Up the ravine. IMG_0250.JPG (2290860 bytes) Getting by with a mini hill at the camp.  IMG_0251.JPG (2214709 bytes) Not bad, but we should build up a jump for it.  IMG_0252.JPG (2377642 bytes) This is good. Up to a 2 log jump. 
IMG_0253.JPG (1963932 bytes) My tube seems to have shrunk! IMG_0254.JPG (1689823 bytes) So this was buttered bread sticks rolled in parmesan cheese and grilled, chicken strips and fries. Not bad for roughing it! IMG_0255.JPG (1939836 bytes) This thing keeps flowing after you pump it. IMG_0256.JPG (3024349 bytes) After eating way more that a dog ever should, same gets the idea of building up his food storage
How to store Bread sticks in pine needles. (By Sam the Dog) IMG_0259.JPG (2291329 bytes) Resting up after a day of hard activities. I can feel my toes again, this is good. IMG_0260.JPG (2886134 bytes) Cool ice flow, worth checking out if we can slide down it. IMG_0261.JPG (2452491 bytes) Need to get some snow banks shoveled up to get a guy to slide down the right path. Those tree trunks hurt when you hit them.
IMG_0262.JPG (3171998 bytes) Still looks pretty scary from up here. IMG_0263.JPG (2128221 bytes) Glow in the dark arrow heads, Indian's would have opted for these over beads any day. IMG_0264.JPG (2458510 bytes) Nice sharp edge too. IMG_0265.JPG (2631576 bytes) It's hard to get the beads through the string when you're fingers are still a bit frozen 
IMG_0266.JPG (2716935 bytes) Were getting it though. IMG_0267.JPG (2384864 bytes) You want to trade me 2 claws for my arrow head? IMG_0268.JPG (2000565 bytes) Want to buy my mesmerizing wand too? IMG_0269.JPG (2322733 bytes) Too cold in our tent, so we're opting for the picnic table beds in here.
IMG_0270.JPG (1846422 bytes) Night cap of a shot of pressurized  whipping cream, straight up! IMG_0271.JPG (1706931 bytes) I don't think I can suck it down...