River Cover - Winter Camp

Day Three - February 13, 2010

Photo Library

IMG_0272.JPG (2611611 bytes) Hand all better, see! IMG_0273.JPG (2257221 bytes) The morning cooking crew mobilizing IMG_0274.JPG (1836394 bytes) A peek into Hotel Fairbanks IMG_0275.JPG (1884059 bytes) So you have wall to wall carpeting, sofa, easy chair and cots for the evening sleep.  The central heating units something else though. Check the side attached water tank. 
IMG_0276.JPG (1972091 bytes) Top serves as a griddle and then the toaster oven off the flue.  IMG_0277.JPG (2403831 bytes) Automated log stacking team in action. IMG_0279.JPG (2282598 bytes) These environmentalist believe in no trace camping, Lot of work spreading this snow out all even again. IMG_0280.JPG (2386176 bytes) All set to hit the new 3 log jump. 
IMG_0281.JPG (3099256 bytes) Oh, a bit of pain there on that landing, ouch! IMG_0282.JPG (2455855 bytes) Out of my way, ahhh! IMG_0283.JPG (2558680 bytes) Hotel Fairbanks drops down and gets packed into the semi trailer.  IMG_0284.JPG (2583438 bytes) You need to push this those back legs harder.
IMG_0285.JPG (3554320 bytes) The ice slide of death from the bottom. IMG_0287.JPG (2399761 bytes) I tried it, it's not that hard. IMG_0288.JPG (2869533 bytes) Time to put out those fires. You smell something? IMG_0289.JPG (2911223 bytes) Me? No.
IMG_0290.JPG (2915719 bytes) Just about out there... IMG_0291.JPG (3096216 bytes) Guess I could have used 1 more can of pop. IMG_0292.JPG (3274235 bytes) It's that spot there. But don't turn around. Some guys taking our picture.  IMG_0293.JPG (3217646 bytes) Hey, Hey, that snows cold on exposed skin. 
The real action video!  IMG_0295.JPG (2790673 bytes) The strategically placed logs make this a save activity.  But don't let your kids try this, as we're trained professionals.