River Cove (Kananaskis, Bragg Creek) - Stake Winter Camp

February 16-18,  2005 

This camp was organized by Shawn Jensen of the Calgary South Stake.

Activities - 
Food - Ben Burndorfer  
Log - Ben Burndorfer
Equipment - Leaders

Nice group camp site right near Paddy's Flats and the Ice Caves.  The first day (the 16) was too cold -25 Celsius so the camp was postponed 1 day.  We brought along our deluxe winter tent that came with a wood burning stove.  We could have used a few more pegs but we made due.  Scouts are resourceful if they are not prepared.  The rest of the day was a bit warmer and they had a hike to the ice caves planned. Lucky for the 1st group as the gate was left open the the group was able to drive all the way in. About 6km. 

Our group had a hike down to the river when we spotted a nice cut line on the other side going down to he river. It made a perfect toboggan run. We back tracked to the highway to cross over the bridge. We had grabbed the super tube and pumped it up. That took a while. Then we bush whacked our way though the bush on the other side of the river. We finally found the spot and it was indeed a sweet hill. A slight obstacle at the bottom was a large hydro pole, but we were confident we could bail before it became a threat. 

We headed back and had our dinner and lots of hot chocolate. No shortage of food the the 1 day cut of the itinerary.  We to a bit of time to setup our snares to see if we could catch a rabbit and after we chopped a pile of would realizing we would need a good load to make it through the night. The stove in the tent could only fit enough wood to burn max 2 hours. So someone had the job of stocking up the stove at regular intervals. Leaving it too long meant you actually had to start up a fire in the stove.  Well it got quite cold. bottomed out at -19 Celsius. Everyone seamed to have good foamys and sleeping bags and extra sleeping bags. We had the toques and mitts on inside the bags with our parkas over our bags. The mummy bags had the draw strings synched right up to only expose our faces. 

Morning came and no one froze, we had a great breakfast and then headed back to the camps to start the pack up process. We checked the snares but no rabbits, too noisy we suspected. A couple boys found a spot where water was running down a hill slope behind our tents. the flow was slow enough to continually freeze over. The light covering of snow hid the ice but the exploring nature of scouts soon revealed it as the greatest sliding opportunity of the day. The slope was quite steep and this was a forested area. Didn't take long to see the casualties rack up, but the boys wouldn't let the odd concussion with a tree slow them down even if it was straddled. Leaders eventually had to shut it down knowing the wrath of the Mothers in letting their boys loose on such a dangerous activity. 

They had wood caring and the hike top the ice caves. after that we headed for home. All in all a great camp. 

Willow Park Team Members

Karl Burndorfer,  - Leaders
Eli Elford, Benjamin Burndorfer, Shamir Bechara. 

Photo Library

IMG_2347.JPG (1294149 bytes) Got Snow... IMG_2348.JPG (1626723 bytes) got tent, Huh! Definitely not the back country verion. IMG_2349.JPG (2116711 bytes) We don't need instructions, Right??? IMG_2350.JPG (216733 bytes) Right, it's intuitive. Got an axe to drop this pole into the ground about 1 foot?
IMG_2351.JPG (283383 bytes)It's a ware-rabbit, I'm sure. IMG_2352.JPG (296611 bytes)The only way to capture them is with GOLD wire. IMG_2353.JPG (293858 bytes)I like cheese. IMG_2354.JPG (228364 bytes)Set the wire just big enough for his foot.
IMG_2355.JPG (195086 bytes) Use the sheep bend knot. IMG_2356.JPG (331611 bytes) That a ware-rabbit track alright. IMG_2357.JPG (201795 bytes) Sure this tree will hold one? IMG_2358.JPG (235804 bytes) Ouy ve, begals again!
IMG_2359.JPG (234689 bytes)  They are kosher, right! IMG_2360.JPG (197628 bytes) Gee is this Cuban? IMG_2361.JPG (203065 bytes) No, I thinks its Schneider IMG_2362.JPG (196575 bytes) You sure?
IMG_2363.JPG (256752 bytes) If I keep pumping I won't be able to get out. IMG_2364.JPG (248003 bytes) Pumping makes you warm. IMG_2365.JPG (186172 bytes) OK fits good, ready to drop. IMG_2366.JPG (241424 bytes) The Jamaican bobsled team need a boost.
IMG_2367.JPG (313601 bytes) Grooming out the run. Need extra weight. IMG_2368.JPG (148299 bytes) Before the Hydro Pool IMG_2369.JPG (148681 bytes) Right after the hydro pool IMG_2370.JPG (144071 bytes) A little more after. 
IMG_2371.JPG (142461 bytes) We have deluxe coach seating here. IMG_2372.JPG (290122 bytes) This groomed trail really steps the speed up a notch! IMG_2373.JPG (291762 bytes) Bail before the pole, bail before the pole.... IMG_2374.JPG (304228 bytes) You know, up create heat.
IMG_2375.JPG (191634 bytes) Lean to the starboard mates IMG_2376.JPG (327473 bytes) We bailed before the pole. That's a good thing.  IMG_2377.JPG (331675 bytes) Each run buffs up the track just a bit more.  IMG_2378.JPG (330121 bytes) I prefer seeing what's coming at me, don't you!
IMG_2379.JPG (305741 bytes) Rule #1, don't stick your feet out, They get stuck in the bushes.  IMG_2380.JPG (271055 bytes) Approaching Hyper Speed!!! IMG_2381.JPG (289307 bytes) Life after the pole. IMG_2382.JPG (292259 bytes) Beware of pointy sticks!
IMG_2383.JPG (290396 bytes) What pointy stick? IMG_2384.JPG (295800 bytes) That pointy stick? IMG_2385.JPG (287981 bytes) Ouu, are we still holding air? off to dinner...
Cheese I hope.
IMG_2386.JPG (243388 bytes) Tatter Tots - oh boy! Will they stay warm in my pants? IMG_2387.JPG (175709 bytes) Use the force Luke. Watch me raise this log. IMG_2388.JPG (266018 bytes) Gee ,a box of cookie for dinner, Mom sure doesn't cook like this! IMG_2389.JPG (148268 bytes) And for my next trick, I'll make my other mitt disappear.
IMG_2390.JPG (214869 bytes) Polar bear stories around the fireplace. He ate how many scouts? IMG_2391.JPG (263103 bytes) Warming the hearts around the fireplace. IMG_2392.JPG (187579 bytes) Eli, about to trip over Zoltron's eye rays. IMG_2393.JPG (195564 bytes) Ready for my 1 shoe off and 1 shoe on dance?
IMG_2394.JPG (190773 bytes) See, I danced myself into a new jacket and into my missing shoe.  IMG_2395.JPG (197418 bytes) The King is still looking for the royal paper IMG_2396.JPG (191321 bytes) Not a minute too soon. IMG_2397.JPG (217697 bytes) King excuses himself and his jester fills in.
IMG_2398.JPG (172747 bytes) and Goldilocks found a momma and papa bed, but they were too cold. IMG_2399.JPG (188721 bytes) But there was a baby bed right by the stove.  IMG_2400.JPG (181017 bytes) It was just right.  IMG_2401.JPG (1446863 bytes) and when the bears came back their beds were all messed up. 
IMG_2402.JPG (275707 bytes) So they dropped Goldilocks into the fire.  IMG_2403.JPG (204075 bytes) Oatmeal at minus 19 degrees but getting warmer.  IMG_2404.JPG (210806 bytes) Who's going to check if we caught the ware-rabbit??? IMG_2405.JPG (191374 bytes) Maybe he hid in our tent?
IMG_2406.JPG (128612 bytes) He's in there and ate all my cheese!!!  IMG_2407.JPG (228203 bytes) There was a ware-rabbit in here?? IMG_2408.JPG (191541 bytes) Yup, It was cold!!! IMG_2409.JPG (237814 bytes) Look, in-Sink Garberators.
IMG_2410.JPG (233477 bytes) So it's gone before it hits the floor eh? IMG_2411.JPG (882674 bytes) Good solid bank on this turn! IMG_2412.JPG (847086 bytes) OK feet first next time. IMG_2413.JPG (910505 bytes) I'm pinched in here now and can't get up.
IMG_2414.JPG (816090 bytes) I'm out for the full count please.  IMG_2415.JPG (884204 bytes) No, No, Not the tree between the legs!! IMG_2416.JPG (852550 bytes) 1st place winner makes it all the way without an impact. IMG_2417.JPG (848277 bytes) My butt could use some padding.
IMG_2418.JPG (855504 bytes) Wait up, I just took a wrong turn. IMG_2419.JPG (864837 bytes) 2nd run and a good clean ricochet of the trees IMG_2420.JPG (777599 bytes) I down, but I can't feel my butt anymore. IMG_2421.JPG (872323 bytes) Wrong turn again! Dang.
IMG_2422.JPG (799617 bytes) The Ware-rabbit wreaks havoc before the nice scouts can leave.

IMG_2426.JPG (291625 bytes) Look Mom, I got all my vitamin C in 1 drinking box.

Great camp Bro. Jensen!!!