Rest and Relaxation Camp - Ribbon Creek Hostel

February 24-25, 2017

We ended up with $300 left over from our last years budget and after thinking about how best to use it the group thought a nice get away weekend in the mountains would be perfect. Nothing overly plan other that the great food we wanted to make. 

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, James Fraser - Leaders
Paul, Ethan, RJ, Michael, Hale, Abraham, Uwanna, Joey, Ashton.

Photo Library

IMG_5336.JPG (1935863 bytes) 1st order of business, get something cooking... IMG_5337.JPG (1878476 bytes) They do say chefs prefer gas stoves.  IMG_5339.JPG (2116947 bytes) How many was that?  IMG_5340.JPG (1776335 bytes) It's haunted down there, don't ever open this door!
IMG_5341.JPG (1716521 bytes) I shouldn't have opened this door! IMG_5342.JPG (2231244 bytes) So cutting onions makes your eyes water, right?  IMG_5344.JPG (2509999 bytes) These are chives, so we're OK. IMG_5345.JPG (2342323 bytes) Werewolf games begins...
IMG_5346.JPG (2184406 bytes) We should invite that girl over there to join us. Evening appetizers included Spring roles, Pin Wheels, and basic junk food. So before midnight, everyone tiptoes off to their bunk beds. IMG_5355.JPG (1900245 bytes) Goodnight Uwanna, Goodnight Joey, and wake me up so I don't miss breakfast.
Breakfast menu: Griddle cakes, Über Bacon, fresh baked Lemon Cranberry scones.     
IMG_5357.JPG (2021136 bytes) Breakfast, we're on it! IMG_5347.JPG (2048484 bytes) These are good. IMG_5349.JPG (1942223 bytes) Put the fried bacon into the pancake batter and presto, official Calgary Stampede griddle cakes. IMG_5348.JPG (1930890 bytes) Reminiscing last nights game...
IMG_5351.JPG (2011000 bytes) How do they expect us chefs to do our craft with things are this disorganized. IMG_5352.JPG (2086260 bytes) Those boy scouts really know how to cook, I wish we eat their breakfast instead of this. IMG_5353.JPG (2321924 bytes) Big pots in ascending order here, lids over there. IMG_5354.JPG (2433001 bytes) Loser does all the dishes...
Days adventures begin... IMG_5358.JPG (3787991 bytes) IMG_5360.JPG (4815409 bytes) IMG_5361.JPG (3263482 bytes)
IMG_5362.JPG (3764289 bytes) IMG_5363.JPG (4574085 bytes) IMG_5364.JPG (2193270 bytes) IMG_5365.JPG (2699423 bytes)
IMG_5366.JPG (3820132 bytes) IMG_5369.JPG (3128999 bytes) IMG_5370.JPG (3782375 bytes) IMG_5372.JPG (3891401 bytes)
IMG_5377.JPG (4064888 bytes) IMG_5382.JPG (3128344 bytes) IMG_5384.JPG (1764214 bytes) IMG_5385.JPG (1921513 bytes)
IMG_5387.JPG (3342052 bytes) IMG_5388.JPG (2485516 bytes) IMG_5389.JPG (3213847 bytes) IMG_5390.JPG (2199888 bytes)
IMG_5404.JPG (2122598 bytes) IMG_5406.JPG (2495404 bytes)    
IMG_5407.JPG (2935749 bytes) IMG_5408.JPG (2124169 bytes) IMG_5409.JPG (2188986 bytes) IMG_5411.JPG (3497837 bytes)
IMG_5391.JPG (2476974 bytes) IMG_5398.JPG (2675620 bytes) IMG_5399.JPG (2460300 bytes) IMG_5400.JPG (3100526 bytes)
IMG_5401.JPG (2506106 bytes) IMG_5402.JPG (2890741 bytes) IMG_5403.JPG (2542447 bytes) IMG_5405.JPG (2057277 bytes)
IMG_5412.JPG (1912945 bytes) IMG_5413.JPG (2643137 bytes) IMG_5414.JPG (2180927 bytes) IMG_5415.JPG (2163194 bytes)
IMG_5416.JPG (2172770 bytes) IMG_5417.JPG (2631271 bytes)    
IMG_5418.JPG (2115556 bytes) IMG_5419.JPG (1824426 bytes) IMG_5420.JPG (2106215 bytes) IMG_5433.JPG (2099754 bytes)
IMG_5438.JPG (1991513 bytes) IMG_5442.JPG (1911715 bytes) IMG_5447.JPG (1889416 bytes) IMG_5446.JPG (1890476 bytes)
IMG_5454.JPG (3979098 bytes) IMG_5449.JPG (3671056 bytes) IMG_5451.JPG (2962044 bytes) IMG_5452.JPG (3450900 bytes)
IMG_5467.JPG (2257623 bytes) IMG_5456.JPG (4039881 bytes) IMG_5457.JPG (3014327 bytes) IMG_5461.JPG (2964011 bytes)
IMG_5462.JPG (2239896 bytes) IMG_5463.JPG (2905495 bytes) IMG_5464.JPG (2811613 bytes) IMG_5465.JPG (1148899 bytes)
IMG_5478.JPG (3553274 bytes) IMG_5468.JPG (2533656 bytes) IMG_5469.JPG (2545568 bytes) IMG_5470.JPG (3192289 bytes)
IMG_5471.JPG (3123994 bytes) IMG_5472.JPG (3225413 bytes) IMG_5475.JPG (2966400 bytes)  
IMG_5477.JPG (3358447 bytes) IMG_5479.JPG (3534910 bytes) IMG_5480.JPG (3613866 bytes) IMG_5481.JPG (3043595 bytes)
IMG_5482.JPG (2329812 bytes) IMG_5483.JPG (2534451 bytes) IMG_5484.JPG (2356697 bytes) IMG_5485.JPG (2358658 bytes)
IMG_5488.JPG (4024538 bytes)   IMG_5495.JPG (2894309 bytes) IMG_5498.JPG (3888924 bytes)
  IMG_5503.JPG (2856274 bytes) IMG_5507.JPG (4657651 bytes) IMG_5508.JPG (3218980 bytes)
IMG_5499.JPG (3924442 bytes) IMG_5493.JPG (3647410 bytes)