Pioneer Play

June 1, 2007 

The boys had an opportunity to put on a play for the Summer Joseph Smith Encampment. It was to depict a scene where many of Joseph Smiths friends were gathered together after working on a homestead for some new family.  The cool part was the parts were to be prerecorded so they could be plays over an outdoor speaker system when we acted out the parts. We went to the SAIT recording  studio for the event.  



Willow Park Team Members

Garret Herget, Darren Stone, Tom Elford,  Karl Burndorfer  - Leaders
Jordan Johnson, Darren Gardner, Ben Burndorfer,  Nathan Johnson - Scouts
Young Women's group were also part of the play.

Photo Library

DSCN1153.JPG (797191 bytes) After many practices the parts are handed out once again. getImage.jpeg (62990 bytes) We check out the high tech recording room. DSCN1154.JPG (780862 bytes) So who's going first.. DSCN1155.JPG (892413 bytes) View into the sound proof studio from the recording room
DSCN1156.JPG (818482 bytes) More rehearsing... DSCN1157.JPG (813605 bytes) Harmonizing the voices DSCN1158.JPG (832340 bytes) I can't hear you?  
DSCN1161.JPG (795502 bytes) Take it from the top again, but really put on that Carter accent. getImage1.jpeg (39309 bytes) Is it your turn or my turn, are you recording this? getImage3.jpeg (60132 bytes) Great job everyone.