Paddy's Flats - Camp with Bike Hikes and Spelunking

June 20-21,  2014

First summer camp of the year.  

Log  from Hale.

Friday (Day 1)

 All the scouts were headed to the church at 5:00pm. We packed the tents, pots/pans/utensils, and etc.

We departed at about 6:00pm to 6:30pm; it felt like two hours or less to get to “Paddy’s Flats” (our camping destination). Once we arrived, we quickly got into “scout action”. No time was wasted; everyone was unpacking, and setting up the tents while the sun was slowly setting. We spread the tents out, got the poles and connected them to our cozy commode. It took us about 15 to 30 minutes to complete our tents and get unpacked. It was getting quite late, about 8, 9, or 10:00pm. The dinner was delicious and simple, self-roasted hotdogs under an open camp fire (everything a scout boy could ever want). Dinner felt like it was 1-2 hours long. After our stomachs were punished with such a good dinner, we decided to play games (which is kind of a bad idea after eating so much). We played activities like camouflage, biking… then the slingshots were calling to us, and so we started shooting trees with paintballs. Rj found a bubble wand earlier in the church so he snatched it just for safekeeping. The bubble wand DID come in handy, the bubbles served as targets for our paintballs. After all that fun, we started getting ready for bed, they called us out of our tents for a spiritual fireside-Brother Kennet shared a touching lesson on how to be successful in being happy in life. Then it was time for bed; we nestled up into our sleeping bags and started to “sleep”. T’was the night when some foolish scout boys decided to pull an all nighter, that didn’t go so well after a leader scolded them to get to sleep. (This was at 3 or 4am)

Saturday (day 2)

 We woke up to a cold, wet morning. Kitchen duty was speedy at getting up and making breakfast, we cooked: eggs, bacon, and left over hotdogs. We had to improvise because we didn’t bring any salt or pepper so we took the remaining oil from the bacon because of the amount of salt in it, and poured it into the eggs. Clean up duty were people who didn’t participate in cooking anything (Wise info to shareàKitchen duty>Clean up duty). We gradually started packing for our journey to the ice caves; we packed snacks in our backpacks and a lot of water. It was like the Hunger games, get the essentials and run. Bikes were a key item to get to the ice caves; there was a long bike path to the caves. The road seemed like it would never stop! Once our bikes were not much of a use anymore, and we reached the walking trail, we mounted off them. Our journey just got harder as we had to go on foot. The rockiness of the terrain was hostile, but we’re scouts… we’re always prepared! After the treacherous trail, we made it to the ice caves. It was so dark, not even light could penetrate the darkness. The inside was very rocky and slippery (not mentioning extremely cold). Once we got to the very end, we experimented what would happen if we shut off all our light sources. It was pitch black! There was a passage/entrance near the beginning of the cave. That passage took you into a higher place where an opening was. The people who climbed up there were shouting down to some of the scouts, they safely made it back down, after that; we had a brief snack in the cave. We returned to our campsite after another long, biking journey home. Once we reached the campsite, some people were packing. Most of the scouts went down in the woods to play paintball. I, Hale, suggested in taking pictures while they were heroically shooting paintball’s everywhere. After the great free for all, all of the scouts began packing everything they had. A lot of memories were made in our campsite. We were all set to go as we said our last goodbye.

Team Members

Jason Smith, Karl Burndorfer, Nigel Kennett, Glenn Buchanan, Dave Proctor, Matt Gardner - YM Leaders
Blair Layton - Parents
Hale Aqino, RJ Laigos, Riley Aneca, Blake Gorner, Jace Nelson, Austin Smith, Sam Erasmus, Javon Falconer, Preston Layton, Duke Buchanan, Isaac Gagnon, Tayson Saravia - Scouts

Maps and stuff

Map to Camping area
Map of Bike Hike area

Camp Assignments

Tayson - Leader/Coordinator
Javon & Austin - Food, Menu, Duty Roster 
Sam - Maps & Lists
Duke - Group Gear
Activities & Games
Hale - Journal

Photo Library

DSCN3657.JPG (3569287 bytes) Just making sure the bikes are in good working order DSCN3658.JPG (3601718 bytes) Whoa, watch the big rocks! DSCN3659.JPG (3942693 bytes) Breaks working good. DSCN3660.JPG (3595285 bytes) OK, I'm feeling it. New set of muscles getting used here.
DSCN3661.JPG (3801835 bytes) I think I can do this on 1 wheel. DSCN3662.JPG (4234309 bytes) Pretty high river.  DSCN3663.JPG (4148639 bytes) I think a bug flew into my mouth. DSCN3665.JPG (3671101 bytes) My 1st 27 match fire. Got to keep fanning it.
DSCN3666.JPG (4183333 bytes) The Cheezies food group DSCN3667.JPG (4114716 bytes) The standard protein food group, smoked! DSCN3668.JPG (4399039 bytes) Need to bring out some personal cutlery here.  DSCN3669.JPG (4212300 bytes) Good Hot dogs boys.
DSCN3670.JPG (4389571 bytes) Yup. life doesn't get any better than this. DSCN3671.JPG (4188087 bytes) The new O shaped hot dog stick.  DSCN3672.JPG (3687131 bytes) Checking out the equipment before tomorrows game.  DSCN3674.JPG (4404011 bytes) Just using pinecones, don't worry. 
DSCN3675.JPG (4286332 bytes) OK, well maybe a couple extra paint balls.  DSCN3676.JPG (4249422 bytes) There is a rust colored fungus right?  And then they went to bed..... But they couldn't get to sleep. So at 3:00 am the came out again and ate around the fire pit, and shone flashlight into the cars. 
DSCN3677.JPG (4291956 bytes) Food crew gets breakfast ready. DSCN3678.JPG (4219392 bytes) Bacon and eggs for starters DSCN3679.JPG (4196949 bytes) Blue berry muffins  
DSCN3681.JPG (4245152 bytes) Still found some chocolate brownies from the night before.  DSCN3682.JPG (4255798 bytes) Round 2 for bacon.  DSCN3683.JPG (4321211 bytes) Now we're firing up some cocktail wieners. DSCN3684.JPG (3882344 bytes) Quite a few wieners to use up here. 
DSCN3685.JPG (4259596 bytes) Too many marshmallows for breakfast. DSCN3686.JPG (3861929 bytes) Getting creative with the tube bacon. DSCN3687.JPG (4105809 bytes) Sharing their secret stash of clean plates and cutlery. DSCN3688.JPG (4167640 bytes) Did to know that bacon fat makes a great fire starter?
DSCN3689.JPG (3667557 bytes) That sure made it hot. Moving back.  DSCN3690.JPG (3593344 bytes) You can see all the potential energy you get from bacon DSCN3691.JPG (3680024 bytes) Yup, we should be able to peddle up any mountain today and still have energy left over. DSCN3692.JPG (3694389 bytes) Last serving of bacon.
DSCN3693.JPG (4204117 bytes) Packing up the trail snacks.  DSCN3694.JPG (4058570 bytes) So how many water bottles you got in there? DSCN3695.JPG (4024795 bytes) End of the bike ride.  DSCN3696.JPG (3894453 bytes) Ready to start up the mountain. 
DSCN3697.JPG (3854337 bytes) Some of us are more excited about this part than others DSCN3698.JPG (3876895 bytes) But the enthusiasm is catchy!    
DSCN3699.JPG (3684344 bytes) Whoa, now that's a cave... DSCN3700.JPG (3578153 bytes) and I guess that's why they call them ice caves.  DSCN3701.JPG (3968639 bytes) I'm not scared, really.   
DSCN3703.JPG (3938560 bytes) Riley's first Ice crystal. Could be magic. DSCN3704.JPG (4197990 bytes) Too early to get too far back.  DSCN3705.JPG (4150927 bytes) Ice still sealing off a good part of the rest of the cave. DSCN3706.JPG (4206119 bytes) When the flash is out, believe us, it's dark.
DSCN3707.JPG (4209617 bytes) See, we can still smile. DSCN3708.JPG (4236390 bytes) Checking out the left side, but still can't get any further.  DSCN3709.JPG (4275501 bytes) Gets a little squishier DSCN3710.JPG (4266751 bytes) Javon's glad a leader packed in his jacket. It's cold in here. 
DSCN3711.JPG (3576320 bytes) View of the opening as we come out.  DSCN3712.JPG (3313688 bytes) You can tell that's Tayson right! DSCN3713.JPG (3644224 bytes) Which one is Sam?  
DSCN3714.JPG (3465352 bytes) The extra adventure begins...  DSCN3715.JPG (3855848 bytes) Only the bravest are selected. DSCN3716.JPG (3875063 bytes) And we are going down there. DSCN3717.JPG (3558946 bytes) So good, so far. 
DSCN3718.JPG (3660178 bytes) Bit of dirt starting to get rubbed on through some tighter squeezes.  DSCN3719.JPG (4226420 bytes) Made it. We're now on top of the cave entrance.  DSCN3720.JPG (4271792 bytes) Those little specs down there are our scouts.  DSCN3721.JPG (3607479 bytes) Glens up and ready to peer over the edge.
DSCN3722.JPG (4123470 bytes) Really, it's an awesome view, slid on over. DSCN3723.JPG (3770475 bytes) Javon's up for it.  DSCN3724.JPG (3803511 bytes) Whoa, we are up high. Hi guys. DSCN3725.JPG (3878925 bytes) Tayson wanting to check out the other exit. 
DSCN3726.JPG (3861787 bytes) Interesting cave drawings up here.  DSCN3727.JPG (4336234 bytes) OK, through the hole and we are now out the other side.  DSCN3728.JPG (3754594 bytes) Nice view eh! DSCN3729.JPG (3792676 bytes) View from the hole.
DSCN3730.JPG (4179939 bytes) I made it out! DSCN3731.JPG (3742903 bytes) Yes, impressive view.  DSCN3732.JPG (4336208 bytes) Look I can see some of the scouts. DSCN3733.JPG (4287222 bytes) Up pretty high here too. 
DSCN3734.JPG (3828283 bytes) We can't climb down from here though.  DSCN3735.JPG (4316870 bytes) The mountain gives birth to a new scout.  DSCN3736.JPG (4399526 bytes) Got his head and 1 arm out.  DSCN3737.JPG (4402375 bytes) Got the other arm out.
DSCN3738.JPG (4379977 bytes) Pants are not making it through.  DSCN3739.JPG (4217905 bytes) Almost there.  DSCN3740.JPG (4329821 bytes) There, I'll get my pants back up now.  DSCN3741.JPG (3856579 bytes) Scrambling down the chimney. 
DSCN3742.JPG (3951648 bytes) This is the easy part.       
DSCN3743.JPG (3729865 bytes) Ice cave ice, stays cold.  DSCN3744.JPG (4088925 bytes) Good to start warming up the body.  DSCN3745.JPG (4003836 bytes) Hale and RJ share the traction gloves to add security crossing the scree slopes. DSCN3746.JPG (3556735 bytes) Definitely not a bike trail
DSCN3747.JPG (4194177 bytes) Look, Preston made me a tooth pick.  DSCN3748.JPG (4288348 bytes) After dipping my head in the stream, my brain is now numb.  DSCN3749.JPG (3671198 bytes) Even throws off your balance.  DSCN3750.JPG (4830286 bytes) and the boys are off...
DSCN3751.JPG (4024210 bytes) Average speed coming out: 20km. Number of times you needed to peddle: 20 DSCN3752.JPG (4138679 bytes) Found some nice jumps just below the parking lot. Check out this air!  DSCN3753.JPG (3826698 bytes) Here comes Sam... DSCN3754.JPG (3645608 bytes) High speed lean into that turn...
DSCN3755.JPG (4326137 bytes) and he's air borne. DSCN3756.JPG (3814176 bytes) Preston coming down again.  DSCN3757.JPG (3798260 bytes) Here's the shot... DSCN3758.JPG (3818637 bytes) and the camera totally misses it. 
DSCN3759.JPG (4333654 bytes) Consuming the rest of the trail snacks.  DSCN3760.JPG (3506094 bytes) Now that's a well deserved break.  DSCN3761.JPG (3933525 bytes) Bringing out the large marshmallows. DSCN3762.JPG (3839875 bytes) Hale getting the log written down. 
DSCN3763.JPG (3513918 bytes) I got shot in the neck, but I'm still alive. DSCN3764.JPG (3703041 bytes) So I get to shot the guy who shot me, cus its considered a Head -Shot? DSCN3765.JPG (4031656 bytes) OK, I'm into payback.   DSCN3766.JPG (4116823 bytes) Oh, both at the same time. Even better. 
DSCN3767.JPG (3624730 bytes) This is too suspenseful...  DSCN3768.JPG (3702263 bytes) The ultimate smore.     
DSCN3769.JPG (4305985 bytes) I'm camouflaging pretty good, right. DSCN3770.JPG (4882474 bytes) So how come the leaders get a whole bag full of amo? DSCN3771.JPG (4337508 bytes) The man with the most headshots approaches... DSCN3772.JPG (5049118 bytes) and retreats...
DSCN3773.JPG (4287944 bytes) Stand off... DSCN3774.JPG (4934433 bytes) Is that Preston taking shots at his Dad from the camp site? DSCN3775.JPG (4276342 bytes) Team B ready and loaded. DSCN3776.JPG (4581639 bytes) Trees keep getting in the way.
DSCN3777.JPG (4028177 bytes) It's important to kick back and observe nature. DSCN3778.JPG (4857064 bytes) Yup, that whole hunter gatherer unfolds before you. DSCN3779.JPG (4169125 bytes) Upper lip shots are also considered head shots. DSCN3780.JPG (3652717 bytes) But not those other hits.
DSCN3781.JPG (4007523 bytes) Justice administered. DSCN3782.JPG (3808791 bytes) I'm ready. DSCN3783.JPG (4030470 bytes) Butt shot.  
DSCN3784.JPG (3687895 bytes) So you really don't need to sleep during camp. DSCN3785.JPG (3552593 bytes) You always have that long ride home. DSCN3786.JPG (3973540 bytes) Night Night.  
DSCN3664.JPG (3646709 bytes) My 1 flower shot.