Paddy's Flats - Ice Caves hike

August 5/6, 2005

This hike was organized by Aaron Carrier. 

Activities - Benjamin
Food - Teifur 
Log - Eli
Equipment - Leaders

Bla bla bla....Nice place, Paddy's Flats. Went to go see the Ice Caves

Maple Ridge / Willow Park Team Members

Lane Trim , Mark Carrier, Karl Burndorfer,  - Leaders
Aaron Carrier, Jeremy Fernandez, Teifur Nordal, Benjamin Burndorfer, Eli Elford, Shamir Bechara, Nathan Johnson - Boys.
Julio Fernandez - Parents

Photo Library

IMG_1713.JPG (2370390 bytes)Proof that guys can put up a tent without instructions IMG_1714.JPG (2102335 bytes)Mobile kitchen IMG_1715.JPG (869480 bytes)Finishing up the tent IMG_1716.JPG (2221293 bytes)Wanna buy a bike?
IMG_0177.JPG (562248 bytes)Happy with the deal on the 5 cent bike IMG_0212.JPG (846466 bytes)Ready up the orange juice IMG_0213.JPG (722920 bytes)boiled orange juice, yuck IMG_1720.JPG (1514349 bytes)I lost my body heat somewhere, did you find it?
IMG_1721.JPG (2006116 bytes)I think I found it! IMG_1722.JPG (1559549 bytes)Thumbs up IMG_1725.JPG (1922650 bytes)Swimming lessons? IMG_1726.JPG (1835048 bytes)ooo it cold!
    IMG_1717.JPG (1659635 bytes)Cannon ball, Look out fish! IMG_1718.JPG (2149452 bytes)Aaron getting suck under
IMG_1728.JPG (745393 bytes)Camp lessons on roasting marshmallows
1:heat fire
IMG_1727.JPG (752308 bytes)2:chase people for marshmallows IMG_1729.JPG (361765 bytes)3:stick them on your leaders back and run away IMG_1730.JPG (340101 bytes)4: Brag about the perfect marshmallows
IMG_1731.JPG (1413012 bytes)5: Dance for joy IMG_1732.JPG (520317 bytes)whys my butt sticking to this bench?- I don't know IMG_1733.JPG (1627717 bytes)Woops I ran into a tree IMG_1734.JPG (1385540 bytes)Getting ready for kick the can
IMG_1735.JPG (2875211 bytes)ooo look at the cows IMG_1736.JPG (2790956 bytes)Can we invite them over for steak dinner? IMG_0218.JPG (1361525 bytes)Which one should I pick?  
IMG_0216.JPG (1611494 bytes)There not falling for it IMG_0219.JPG (854615 bytes)Rocking slide IMG_0220.JPG (1428745 bytes)Checking out the future repelling site IMG_0223.JPG (1218287 bytes)Who needs ropes anyways?
IMG_1742.JPG (1347956 bytes)Cooling of after the hot hike IMG_1740.JPG (2115101 bytes)Swim! it's a crocodile!  IMG_1744.JPG (2381801 bytes)I don't see no crocodile IMG_1739.JPG (2702272 bytes)He bit my leg off!
IMG_1746.JPG (2565529 bytes)I'll save you IMG_1741.JPG (1279411 bytes)More help IMG_1738.JPG (2659620 bytes)Start off with the shallow hot pools first IMG_1747.JPG (925456 bytes)Rock Smashing

IMG_0227.JPG (1184887 bytes)Are we there yet?
IMG_0230.JPG (1190793 bytes)We're there IMG_0231.JPG (1166395 bytes)Finally IMG_0232.JPG (1159101 bytes)Approaching the air conditioning
IMG_0233.JPG (876309 bytes)Rock Shaped hat IMG_1751.JPG (2234228 bytes)I'm dead IMG_1752.JPG (978517 bytes)Almost! IMG_1753.JPG (1310333 bytes)It's nice and cool in here
IMG_0236.JPG (466356 bytes)It sure is black back there IMG_0240.JPG (958953 bytes)Indian Cave writing in there IMG_0242.JPG (578536 bytes)There's a monster behind you! IMG_0244.JPG (490744 bytes)Who is the monster with the light face there?
IMG_0262.JPG (795647 bytes)Nice little tunnel there IMG_0263.JPG (768505 bytes)Watch me pull a boy out of the crack IMG_0264.JPG (582387 bytes)Presto! IMG_1755.JPG (1509757 bytes)Not for the vertically challenged
IMG_1756.JPG (1460428 bytes)I found a shoe IMG_1757.JPG (936157 bytes)Warming up on the way down IMG_1758.JPG (2367100 bytes)End of the hike IMG_0269.JPG (886474 bytes)Where's the bus?
IMG_1761.JPG (2512424 bytes)Finally! food! IMG_1762.JPG (2207945 bytes)Back to the water, it's to hot   IMG_1764.JPG (1999693 bytes)Swimming for that surfing rock
IMG_1765.JPG (2115995 bytes)Scattered all over the place IMG_1766.JPG (2166591 bytes)Takes your breathe away IMG_1767.JPG (825197 bytes)King of the watermelon seed fight IMG_1768.JPG (837410 bytes)He's on to me
IMG_1769.JPG (859426 bytes)Yep, still got half a watermelon to go IMG_1770.JPG (930254 bytes)To be shot, or to shoot IMG_1771.JPG (730070 bytes)He's loading up two water guns IMG_1772.JPG (2502838 bytes)Forget the seeds he's chucking watermelon now
IMG_1773.JPG (2215722 bytes)My cup is watching me