Olympic Oval - Speed Skating

March 07, 2009

Reed Wood really wanted to try out speed skating so we arranged  this activity. Seems the facility at the University of Calgary was soon to close for some reason for 3 months so this was the last chance to get our event in. 

We got to rent these skates with really long blades on them, half again the length of the shoe part. These were definitely  not as stable as hockey skated. it was real hard to one skate over in front of the other when you hit a turn. But you could feel that these skated worked well are to did long hard pushes off each leg. 

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders / Parents
Liam Davey, Chris Bodek, Spencer Wapple  - Scouts

Photo Library

DSC02082.JPG (2731869 bytes) This would be easier if one shoe lace was long enough and the other not too long.  DSC02083.JPG (2813917 bytes) OK, I'm ready, the magic skates are on! DSC02084.JPG (2745116 bytes) and they're off.
Stability is an issue here. We'll work on the speed part later.  DSC02087.JPG (3300335 bytes) and Chris hits the ice.  Chris building up speed.
DSC02089.JPG (2539781 bytes) Spencer getting ready to lean into that turn... DSC02090.JPG (2688303 bytes) Concentrate, Concentrate... DSC02091.JPG (2678866 bytes) So how does the swinging arm thing work? DSC02092.JPG (2407154 bytes) Oh, both arms, not just one.
DSC02093.JPG (2640582 bytes) Lets just try this hockey style. DSC02094.JPG (2644945 bytes) Chris taking the inner lane... The Drive by with Chris.
Just before the dive. DSC02097.JPG (2601894 bytes) I didn't fall, really. DSC02098.JPG (3036993 bytes) Pulling in on the last lap.
Tuck in and brake. DSC02100.JPG (3331063 bytes) Liam and skating a full lap backward. So a few people fell over cause I couldn't see them! Last back lap. DSC02102.JPG (3040762 bytes) He does it...