Museum of the Regiment - Contribution of our Armed Forces

June 9, 2012

Great opportunity to see all the new additions to the museum. A lot has change and the boys really enjoyed it. 


Tem Members

Karl Burndorfer, Kendall Cahoon - Scout Leaders
Matt Proctor, Justin Lund, Nathan Wilshire, Ethan Conrad - Scouts

Photo Library 

IMG_1123.JPG (2685620 bytes)  IMG_1122.JPG (2337297 bytes) IMG_1120.JPG (2997137 bytes) IMG_1121.JPG (2879192 bytes)
IMG_1104.JPG (2183065 bytes)This was all new stuff from here on... IMG_1105.JPG (2244086 bytes) OK, I'll switch places with the pilot, quick, take my picture.  IMG_1106.JPG (1874208 bytes) IMG_1107.JPG (2485993 bytes) Canadian pirates?
IMG_1108.JPG (2374524 bytes) IMG_1109.JPG (2330439 bytes) IMG_1110.JPG (2499555 bytes) Last prop job build, 450 mph, not bad.  IMG_1111.JPG (2546065 bytes) Could use an intercom like this at our place. 
IMG_1112.JPG (2544887 bytes) Is the a semi-automatic or a fully automatic? IMG_1113.JPG (2636104 bytes) Cell phone still works.  IMG_1114.JPG (2312434 bytes) Our change to meet the real 'Scuba Steve' IMG_1115.JPG (774137 bytes) This must of been his father. Nice guy too.  
IMG_1116.JPG (2936753 bytes) Now those are big bullets. IMG_1117.JPG (2678082 bytes) So with super cavitation how fast will this go? IMG_1118.JPG (2813458 bytes) You can always make a fence out or 3 ft artillery shells. IMG_1119.JPG (133400 bytes) top down look at that torpedo. Still too big to fit into the picture. Help me get up higher.
IMG_1124.JPG (2398181 bytes) IMG_1125.JPG (2579947 bytes) The true meaning of a Matt IMG_1126.JPG (2853010 bytes) Not as flat as a real mat, but a lot closer now. IMG_1127.JPG (3079611 bytes) They say you can warm you hand on the barrel after the discharge it.
IMG_1128.JPG (2921938 bytes) IMG_1129.JPG (2313394 bytes) IMG_1130.JPG (2355813 bytes) IMG_1131.JPG (2310788 bytes) Need a fan for your bedroom?