Mountain Bluebird Log Oct 26, 2002

This trip out was to get a count of any unhatched eggs and clean out the nests, and reload them with clean wood chips. We hit boxes 3 to 8 first.

Box 3 had 1 egg
Box 4 had 2 eggs
Box 5 had 1 egg
Box 6 had 0 eggs
Box 7 had 1 egg
Box 8  had 0 eggs and looked as if it was abandoned and no eggs were laid

We then check the area for box 1 and 2

Box 1 had 0 eggs
Box 2 had 1 egg. 

Nest 2 was identified as having Mountain Bluebirds in it from our earlier spring visits. 

123 Willow Park Team Members

Karl Burndorfer - Adult Leaders

Mitch Sherwood, Paul McBride, Jordan Crane, Logan McNaughton, Matt Vance, Matt Swerid - Scouts


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