Mountain Bluebird Log June 1, 2002

1 June 2002 Mountain Bluebird Project – Species Census:


Heading west on the 22X, we turned off on Hwy#758 Secondary ( Bragg Creek Provincial Park ) Road.  Bird box #1 & 2 are located along a short stretch with pasture land on either side of the road at this point.  Our discovery of Tree Swallows having inhabited BB#1 and Mountain Bluebirds in BB#2 was encouraging. 

 The Mountain Bluebirds are in full spring colours at this time – spring being very late this year.  In years past, we would certainly have found some eggs in the nest by now.

Traveling on we took Hwy#22 north after passing through the little hamlet of Bragg creek we came to bird box #3; located on the fence line immediately in front of ‘Camp Kiwanis’.  Tree Swallows have taken up this box as well.  In fact, boxes 4,5,6,7 , & 8 are all homes to Tree Swallows this year as well – with a possibility that a Mountain Bluebird pair may still be vying for bird box # 5 .  Box # 7 & 8 are across the road, approaching Camp Gardner .  It quickly became evident that tree Swallows are in these houses.

Turning back toward Calgary on Hwy#8, we traveled a short distance to ‘ Entheos Road ’.  Bird boxes 9, 10, & 11 on the west side of this roadway are all inhabited with Tree Swallows as well. But at the end of the road there is a manmade dugout; with a fair amount of water in it this season.  Here we spotted a Yellow-Rumped Warbler; a Least Flycatcher; Kingbirds; Robins; and a Cedar Waxwing.  We also found an old bluebird box filled to overflowing with the twig nest of a House Wren.  We heard her in the immediate vicinity.

At all of our stops along the way today we spotted Mountain Bluebirds.  There is only one confirmed pair nesting in our bird boxes this year, but all of the houses have birds in them!

Our last stop was at the A&W in town for a quick lunch.


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