Evening of Dignity - Mother's Day Event

June 02, 2007 


Our Bishop and Parry Ellingson orchestrated this wonderful event that allowed all the boys and their bothers and father and grand fathers to come together to provide an evening of dignity for our Moms.  Boys had to wear appropriate attire for their specific position. Busses needed White shirts with a bow tie and black pants, to match the waiters. Kitchen staff could be casual. 

Menu for the Evening



Team Assignments:

Leader / Coordinator: Parry Ellingson

Willow Park Team Members

Garett Herget, Darren Stone, Tom Elford,  Karl Burndorfer,  - Leaders
Jordan Johnson, Darren Gardner, Ben Burndorfer,  Matt Swerid, Matt Vance, Zachary Peterson, Lucas Pereira, Mateus Pereira - Scouts
All the Dads and Husbands

Photo Library

DSC00494.JPG (2939093 bytes) Pizza/Donut warm-up and training DSC00504.JPG (3273150 bytes) We just can't work on an empty stomach DSC00499.JPG (2760768 bytes) DSC00505.JPG (2652362 bytes)
DSC00506.JPG (3027699 bytes) DSC00507.JPG (2799249 bytes) DSC00509.JPG (3007230 bytes) The sugar rush is kicking in... DSC00508.JPG (2911040 bytes) Opps. Too many donuts
DSCN1166.JPG (780852 bytes) The standard table setting. The forks go on the right or the left... DSCN1167.JPG (822777 bytes) The Italian waiter shows how it's done... It was hard to  do the accent, "signore di buona sera " DSC00621.JPG (2904773 bytes) Hey look, bow tie on the front and on the back, the ladies will think  I'm suave coming or going. DSCN1168.JPG (779497 bytes)  This is fun and real easy to do, anyone can do it. 
DSC00510.JPG (2764971 bytes) Me, hot, sweating, no way, this is easy. DSC00511.JPG (2713304 bytes) Stream lining the bottleneck of the operation. Get washing those dishes boys... DSC00512.JPG (3167871 bytes) Bussing in action. I'm sure I got a tip coming from her. DSC00516.JPG (2610214 bytes) Loosen your corsets ladies
DSC00518.JPG (2846405 bytes) Walk very steady with this stuff son. DSC00520.JPG (2912199 bytes) mmm, pizza is good, don't you agree Lloyd,Lloyd,, Hey wake up Lloyd! DSC00525.JPG (2822096 bytes) notice how the hair drops from the top of the head to the bottom is just a few years. DSC00528.JPG (2762428 bytes) Where's my busser when you need him...
DSC00584.JPG (3014887 bytes) The main course assembly line. Is that 2 mushrooms on the meat or 3, wait, you forgot to paint on the gravy. DSC00579.JPG (2991785 bytes) Catch a quick break between courses. Cool safety goggles Zak.  DSC00529.JPG (3074682 bytes) Serve from the right, serve from the right... DSC00599.JPG (3040147 bytes) The desert assemble line. Can I lick my fingers?
Quick kitchen tour as desert ramps up. DSC00606.JPG (2699468 bytes) Look 4 left over, wonder what we should do with them? DSC00531.JPG (2464870 bytes) quit taking my picture and get to work. DSC00633.JPG (2995999 bytes) Cleanup need to be finish before they come back...
DSC00635.JPG (2690877 bytes) Everyone pitches in for the quick cleanup while the ladies get entertained in the chapel. DSC00634.JPG (2769531 bytes) Almost done. DSC00642.JPG (2882783 bytes) Oh how sweet, we got flowers too... Thanks from the Bishop...