Winter Camp - Mosquito Creek 

February 17-19, 2022

The long awaited break from COVID finally arrived. 

Team Members

Ike, Jack, Ephraim, Lucius, Chris, Philip, Bowen  - Young men
Karl, Teigan, Bishop - Leaders
Ethan - Grandkids

Camp Assignments

Menu, Groceries, Duty Roster - Ephraim, Bowen
Activities - Lucius, Ike
Map, Forms and Agenda - Philip
Group Gear - Chris
Journal - Jack

Photo Library

20220217_080924.jpg (3514259 bytes) Are we pumped for this or what? 

Bring on the snow. 

20220217_113813.jpg (1735807 bytes) Whoa, that's a lot of snow. 20220217_113840.jpg (2124819 bytes) 20220217_113847.jpg (2656560 bytes)
20220217_113853.jpg (6629481 bytes) Body slide, and harpoon fishing for snow fish... 20220217_120014.jpg (2882382 bytes) In the 1st 5 minute, that stone cold fireplace was punching out some big heat. Masters of the match. 20220217_120021.jpg (3040142 bytes) Bishops eco class...
20220217_124656.jpg (7790641 bytes) Tiegan's carving skills gravitates him to the mysteriously large brisket.  20220217_124749.jpg (3560007 bytes) That's tasty.  20220217_124809.jpg (3548774 bytes) Should I cut it all up or same some for another meal? 20220217_130717.jpg (3048773 bytes) Subs and Brisket, that sure hits the spot. 
20220217_132053.jpg (3300643 bytes) Bishop suggest calisthenics to ensure we keep in top form, 100 each boys.   20220217_132107.jpg (3362647 bytes) You can easily warm your feet by placing them inside the fireplace 20220217_133051.jpg (3422919 bytes) Sous chefs like to check out the kitchen and cutlery. You need good knives. 
20220217_133523.jpg (3696511 bytes) Can you find Waldo?  20220217_133525.jpg (3675839 bytes) Clue, he's got dark pants  20220217_133526.jpg (4179346 bytes) You're good! 20220217_134048.jpg (3549984 bytes) Carver's guild's 1st meeting. Going to produce some needed cutlery for the chef's in the kitchen. 
20220217_134108.jpg (7323816 bytes) Need the tools of the trade before you can master the full skill set.  20220217_134120.jpg (3628747 bytes) Victory has its peculiar smiles 20220217_135331.jpg (3611298 bytes) reaching full production. 20220217_135507.jpg (3801884 bytes) Oh, don't worry, we have the tools.
After many callisthenic workouts... 20220217_140506.jpg (3455957 bytes) 95,96,97,98 20220217_140507.jpg (3437165 bytes) hmmm, I thinks its full. 
20220217_143132.jpg (1627245 bytes) Hmmm, Snow worms? 20220217_145745.jpg (3628015 bytes) A man and his GT 20220217_145750.jpg (3553151 bytes) A man and his GT, fallen over.  20220217_150239.jpg (3349703 bytes) Now aimed for thrills
Biggest run of the day... 20220217_151343.jpg (2241868 bytes) 20220217_151345.jpg (2617866 bytes)
20220217_151553.jpg (5556202 bytes) The new shovel and butt sliding competition. 
Bishop's last ounce of strength
20220217_154921.jpg (1531561 bytes) 20220217_155057.jpg (2336334 bytes) 20220217_155441.jpg (3077428 bytes)
20220217_155447.jpg (3078258 bytes) 20220217_155456.jpg (2968029 bytes) Gopher holes use to take out horses. Seems you can have the same experience in 4ft of snow with crusty layers in between.
20220217_165420.jpg (2920326 bytes) Wood carvers guild meeting again. 20220217_165423.jpg (3253216 bytes) taking on apprentices.
20220217_171848.jpg (2336734 bytes) So how do you make a sauna work?  20220217_171851.jpg (2575045 bytes) Fire, I like fire. 20220217_172233.jpg (4199810 bytes) Me to.  20220217_172236.jpg (2888233 bytes) It's hot.
20220217_172253.jpg (3446944 bytes) yup, it's hot.  20220217_173139.jpg (3995135 bytes) So now we just add snow, right? 20220217_173141.jpg (3500990 bytes) That's was easy.
20220217_183143.jpg (5827238 bytes) Ravenous for supper?  20220217_183146.jpg (5782776 bytes) 20220217_184251.jpg (5354744 bytes) No, savoring each bite. 20220217_184259.jpg (5237340 bytes)
20220217_185937.jpg (5489345 bytes) Cute cottage eh!
20220217_190917.jpg (5370016 bytes) Starting warm up to the sauna thing 20220217_190923.jpg (5237261 bytes) Breathing it in now. That's thick and steamy man.  Time for Snow Showers 20220217_191343.jpg (5551191 bytes) Hot, to Cold, to Hot to...
20220217_192740.jpg (5944736 bytes) So our 1st class produces 2 spoons and 4kg wood shavings to fire kindling. 20220217_200722.jpg (5512242 bytes) Bishop rolling out the  puff pastry for the turnovers 20220217_203324.jpg (5753364 bytes) Now for the fillings. Let see, Apple and Nutella, Yea, hat will work 20220217_203335.jpg (6256588 bytes) The chess mentors are abounding
20220217_204130.jpg (6641978 bytes) 20220217_205341.jpg (6006704 bytes)
20220218_081312.jpg (6044205 bytes) Look, I started this fire with my eyes closed.  20220218_091716.jpg (5810134 bytes) Look mom, we wrote in our journals  20220218_091820.jpg (2998546 bytes) Early morning chess. The caliber of the moves are definitely superior 


20220218_091903.jpg (2855581 bytes) Assigned breakfast crew hits the kitchen and reviews the menu. 
20220218_091917.jpg (3228208 bytes) Caterpillars along the window sills in February, impressive.  20220218_091957.jpg (2791003 bytes) 20220218_092048.jpg (4019226 bytes) 20220218_092403.jpg (3490904 bytes) Culinary skills abound
20220218_092414.jpg (3172480 bytes) High fats for max day use energy 20220218_092458.jpg (3082517 bytes) Rapid carbs to quick energy 20220218_094227.jpg (3360780 bytes) 20220218_094232.jpg (3170252 bytes)
20220218_094234.jpg (2814537 bytes) 20220218_094235.jpg (2843411 bytes) 20220218_094341.jpg (3762193 bytes) We know how to cook! 20220218_094436.jpg (2946280 bytes) Some play chess better on a full stomach. 
20220218_095110.jpg (3331244 bytes) Lots of butter and catsup, it's all a guy really needs.  20220218_095116.jpg (3770376 bytes) Assigned breakfast crew anxiously engaging in that task.  20220218_095133.jpg (2514092 bytes) I aim for all the sugar based food groups. 20220218_101920.jpg (3710028 bytes) Is this what happens when a caterpillar molts? 
20220218_101923.jpg (3003663 bytes) 20220218_101949.jpg (3500271 bytes) 20220218_103142.jpg (2792514 bytes) Raw brain power in action
20220218_114421.jpg (3225473 bytes) Definitely more  snow here.  20220218_115026.jpg (3917694 bytes) How did this happen, a zipper is a zipper? 20220218_115414.jpg (6432110 bytes) 20220218_115420.jpg (3092705 bytes) Let's get hiking...
20220218_115422.jpg (3095590 bytes) 20220218_115822.jpg (3253039 bytes) 20220218_115824.jpg (3424438 bytes) Look at the big snowflake coming down guys! 20220218_115828.jpg (3291237 bytes)
20220218_115839.jpg (3312834 bytes) Lets see how many guys can stand on this snow bridge?  20220218_120203.jpg (6210421 bytes) 20220218_120321.jpg (3960971 bytes) 20220218_120324.jpg (3652697 bytes)
20220218_120452.jpg (3053815 bytes)  Roof jumping with snowshoes
20220218_122317.jpg (1664623 bytes) New rule. Don't let this rope tangle around your foot when the guys go down the hill.  20220218_122357.jpg (2399255 bytes) 20220218_122731.jpg (5868922 bytes) 20220218_122738.jpg (1687760 bytes)
20220218_123413.jpg (1142862 bytes)
20220218_123811.jpg (1448785 bytes) Can Philip scramble to the top before Ephraim who's hauling a massive tube? 
20220218_130200.jpg (3167893 bytes) Returning to papa bear still sleeping in a bed too small. 20220218_130201.jpg (3595897 bytes) Baby bare wants to tease him. 20220218_130203.jpg (2825388 bytes)He gets other helpers 20220218_130212.jpg (2832683 bytes) OK, can we pile it to the roof before he wakes? 
Janga block pile 20220218_132816.jpg (2731370 bytes) Great live entertainment here every night, don't you think? Yep, wouldn't get this at home.  20220218_133340.jpg (2771799 bytes) So, is having brisket the main course of 3 consecutive meals a bad thing? 
Second night in the Sauna
20220218_152019.jpg (3448773 bytes) 20220218_152022.jpg (3484427 bytes) Stone soup is starting to bubble. 20220218_152025.jpg (3598565 bytes) Sprinkle a little coarse snow... 20220218_152039.jpg (4303940 bytes) the juice of 2 snow balls...
20220218_152051.jpg (3501049 bytes) Voila, one 65c steamy room. 20220218_152155.jpg (7793109 bytes) Restoring health is doable by planting your face into a bucket of snow. 20220218_152159.jpg (4026497 bytes) and for a long time.  20220218_152600.jpg (6980185 bytes) New challenge. Try throw a snowball into the knot hole above the chimney.
20220218_152718.jpg (7434770 bytes) 20220218_152719.jpg (3589775 bytes) 20220218_152724.jpg (4135693 bytes) 20220218_152726.jpg (4163990 bytes)
20220218_152730.jpg (4472907 bytes) 20220218_152731.jpg (4509841 bytes) Bulls eye!!! 20220218_153252.jpg (6907284 bytes) Lets try a brain freeze contest  20220218_153255.jpg (7709640 bytes) I can't do it any longer,, arg!!!
20220218_153318.jpg (8233058 bytes) Bet you can beat me in an armpit freeze? 
20220218_165300.jpg (3868099 bytes) Who want to play with me?  pick up participation game 20220218_173714.jpg (3428349 bytes)
20220218_184510.jpg (6139301 bytes) 20220218_205948.jpg (5902451 bytes) 20220218_205953.jpg (5782550 bytes)
The third day...
20220219_082733.jpg (6574251 bytes) 20220219_085250.jpg (5944286 bytes) 20220219_085256.jpg (5350934 bytes) 20220219_085850.jpg (3921460 bytes)
20220219_085858.jpg (3230728 bytes) 20220219_085917.jpg (3799768 bytes) 20220219_085930.jpg (3770400 bytes)
All the guys that are sad to leave, Stand up against the snow wall...
20220219_112326.jpg (2741129 bytes) How do you look in this one? 20220219_112327.jpg (2791060 bytes) Maybe you look better in this one. 20220219_112342.jpg (6086110 bytes) No? 20220219_112401.jpg (2171996 bytes) How about this one.
20220219_112406.jpg (2516831 bytes) Last change. 20220219_112409.jpg (2697761 bytes) Ok, you can go now 20220219_112410.jpg (2382203 bytes) Bishops out of here. 20220219_112411.jpg (2017580 bytes) A few more drop off.
20220219_112413.jpg (2197958 bytes) OK, Too much snow is falling. 20220219_112413(0).jpg (2190884 bytes) No hood? 20220219_112415.jpg (1790435 bytes) The last guy, saddest of all that he has to leave the wonderful resort behind...
Additional Pics collected from the group
Pumping the Tube - Ike.JPEG (638374 bytes) Everyone gets a turn.... Wood Carving.JPEG (741763 bytes) OK, its a messy job. Games.JPEG (588675 bytes) Checkmate yet?  Tube Run2.JPEG (539928 bytes)
Snowshoeing.JPEG (890222 bytes) Testing out the snow shows Snowshoeing2.JPEG (892446 bytes) not bad traction Snowshoeing 3.JPEG (888429 bytes) even on verticals  Lunch2.JPEG (634701 bytes) Doritos facial expressions
Lunch.JPEG (632952 bytes) Got better. Chess.JPEG (640097 bytes) OK, checkmate now?
Bishops GT Wipeout Chris and Lucius bail & dive Nice run Another nice run
Soft ride with a bump Team tube flip