Moroni's Quest - Smith Farm by Champion (Vulcan)

July 20-22, 2017

Stake provided an opportunity for our boys to get involved in re-enactments of favorite Book of Mormon Stories. 

It was truly an experience that brought the Book of Mormon to life. Physically and Spiritually.

Photo Library

IMG_6525.JPG (2142990 bytes) The true living in the dessert experience. IMG_6526.JPG (4899047 bytes) Just makes sure every corner is pegged down. Never know when a wind storm will come up. Bishops know about these things. IMG_6528.JPG (2197904 bytes) The girls section of town IMG_6529.JPG (2992566 bytes) Should I attach the rope to these cow patties?
IMG_6530.JPG (3557525 bytes) Should we open up the sunning room? IMG_6531.JPG (2966337 bytes) Head chefs prepared to feed the masses. IMG_6532.JPG (2610035 bytes) Lots of windmills on the horizon. IMG_6533.JPG (2703482 bytes) The boys section of town
IMG_6534.JPG (1938155 bytes) Dessert banana's IMG_6536.JPG (2691715 bytes) with dessert chocolate chips IMG_6537.JPG (1827417 bytes) in a zipper case. IMG_6538.JPG (2139852 bytes) Neatness counts
IMG_6540.JPG (3030983 bytes) Don't mess with these dudes... IMG_6541.JPG (3553398 bytes) They don't even sweat with dark heavy apparel.  IMG_6542.JPG (3641686 bytes) and even when they're in a full march with weapons. IMG_6543.JPG (2751427 bytes) The cactus 1st aid station in action.
IMG_6544.JPG (4315639 bytes) Before the storm IMG_6545.JPG (4359213 bytes) Look. no walls. IMG_6546.JPG (2923765 bytes) The modern day camel IMG_6547.JPG (3115236 bytes) 2 hump version.
IMG_6548.JPG (2593929 bytes) Girls proposition the guy IMG_6549.JPG (3234892 bytes) $2 - I eat the grasshopper, your on.. IMG_6550.JPG (1681774 bytes) Do I chew him up? IMG_6551.JPG (2077671 bytes) No, just slide him down.
IMG_6554.JPG (2973356 bytes) Darkness IMG_6555.JPG (3793281 bytes) IMG_6556.JPG (3914508 bytes) IMG_6557.JPG (4296077 bytes)
IMG_6558.JPG (3804211 bytes) Savior comes IMG_6559.JPG (4657627 bytes) IMG_6560.JPG (5029304 bytes) IMG_6561.JPG (4627374 bytes)