Marshmallow Towers - How Teams work best

November 2, 2016

The boys helped me wit hone of my homework assignments. We had 2 teams of boys taking the Marshmallow challenge and I was to judge them on what team dynamics worked best.

The questions to answer and the Results:

 Who tended to do the worst? Why?
    Those that were more reserved. Those who were more dominating I think hindered them using any of their ideas or even getting involved. The team was then left without their input.
    The over dominant ones. They chose to push their idea and apply their power to make it the main option.
Who tended to do the best? Why?
    Those that were more confident and could bring in others.
What improves performance? 
    Getting more folks involve and having helpers. 
What kills performance?
    Having a dominant personality and pushing one agenda. The other team members were then reluctant to participate. 
What was the biggest lesson that you learned in observing the different teams?
    Having a team mentality was far better than an individual mentality. When you invite and bring in others and are open to listening to everyone, everyone buys in and you get a winning situation and result.

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Giancarlo De Silva - Leaders
Sam, Kobe, Ethan, RJ - 'A' team.
Joey, Aston, Uwanna, Michael - 'B' team

Photo Library

DSCN8031.JPG (1790710 bytes) Checking out the inventory DSCN8032.JPG (1866548 bytes) Ideas turning into actions DSCN8033.JPG (1820402 bytes) Kobe and Sam spar off for the best action plan DSCN8034.JPG (1776666 bytes) Multiple actions shaping up
DSCN8035.JPG (1789237 bytes) Testing out the structural strength needed to hold up a marshmallow Watch the teamwork in action. DSCN8037.JPG (1820002 bytes) Sam takes over.. DSCN8038.JPG (1837223 bytes) Almost OK with the structure.
    DSCN8041.JPG (1823069 bytes) Slight re-enforcement needed here.  
  DSCN8044.JPG (1804899 bytes) And a bit more elevation here... DSCN8045.JPG (1840282 bytes) Need to steady the top. Hmmm, tastes good. DSCN8046.JPG (1782811 bytes) Its going to hold.
  DSCN8049.JPG (1765658 bytes) There, the tallest free standing noodle structure, and winner.