MLA Visit with our troop

Wed June 20, 2007

Our Troup arranged for Cindy Ady to come visit our Troup to help up learn more about being an elected representative for our Province.  To get more needed badge requirements and to boost our numbers, we invited the out troops in our Calgary South stake to provide them with this great opportunity as well. 

Cindy has her own site to cover her current areas of focus: and we have a link to the Alberta Legislature: 

Boys came prepared with plenty of questions for Cindy. All in all it was a very informative evening

The event finished with a large offering of donuts and pop. 


Willow Park Team Members

Tom Elford, Garett Herget, Darren Stone, Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders
Jordan Johnson, Nathan Johnson  - Scouts & Venturers Hosts
Troops of our Stake

Photo Library

pic3.jpeg (43684 bytes) Setup crew tired already after hauling in all the refhreshments. pic4.jpeg (64632 bytes) Garett's wife Jody brings their youngest voter, Braxton. pic5.jpeg (57604 bytes) After a heavy barrage of questions for Cindy from the reporters, the donuts finally come out. 
pic2.jpeg (59984 bytes) Hmm, custard filled chocolate covered... pic1.jpeg (56972 bytes) Want to see me put the whole thing in my mouth... pic6.jpeg (56969 bytes) One more change to shake that young mans hand.