Livingston Falls - Summer Camp

June 26 - June 28, 2008   DSC01366.JPG (3355693 bytes)

This was our summer camp and offered us all the various  physical challenges. Football, Hikes up Star falls in Coleman, Kick the Can, white water rafting, Airsoft, and of course those finger exercises on game controllers and guitars. And what camp would be complete without a quick stop at a hospital and a flat tire. 


Games: Ben
Group Gear: 

Team Members

Garett Herget, Tom Elford, Val Fernandez, Julio Fernandez, Karl Burndorfer - Adult Leaders
Zackary Peterson , Matt Vance, Ben Burndorfer, Kiano Zaugg, Nathan Johnson - Venturers

Photo Album

DSC01321.JPG (3059918 bytes) It's up and no instruction book. We're men alright DSC01323.JPG (3238972 bytes) Straighten the steel pin with your fingers and then slide it in.  DSC01324.JPG (3416988 bytes) Sharp knife!  
DSC01325.JPG (3213602 bytes) Go high Garret! DSC01326.JPG (3111819 bytes) OK, I can catch this.     
DSC01328.JPG (3172208 bytes) I'll take a smore with 10 marshmallows please DSC01329.JPG (3040163 bytes) Lap heater anyone? DSC01331.JPG (3047090 bytes) Deep in though, Garett plans how to even the score. No one shoots the Herget and gets away with it. DSC01332.JPG (3322025 bytes) This is how you putt logs into the fire.
DSC01333.JPG (3339570 bytes) Come out little gopher DSC01334.JPG (3076891 bytes) There's commando guys and then there's pajama commando guys DSC01335.JPG (3249419 bytes) Freeze, dirt bag! DSC01336.JPG (3085846 bytes) Who you calling a pajama guy now!
DSC01339.JPG (3120703 bytes) Hospital tree from the bottom after waking up. DSC01340.JPG (3121866 bytes) This hospital grass has a real anesthetic quality to it DSC01343.JPG (3187357 bytes) Finally enough power to run all the game stuff. DSC01347.JPG (3128225 bytes) The great Hari Chrisna has come to enlighten the children on how to really pone an opponent at Nintendo
DSC01349.JPG (3144572 bytes) Ya got 10 seconds to get your mangy carcass off my bridge. DSC01350.JPG (3291144 bytes) Take that, ya filthy animal.  DSC01351.JPG (3091269 bytes) This camouflage is almost working except for these glasses and my skin color. Need more twigs and dirt! DSC01353.JPG (3231060 bytes) Sam is sent on a reconnaissance mission to find their flag. Unbeknown to the other team, their flag was dipped in bacon fat. 
DSC01354.JPG (3046633 bytes) OK can you find the 4 fishes... DSC01355.JPG (3157942 bytes) You thought Waldo was hard to find.    
DSC01357.JPG (3119907 bytes) I can't handle all this free time, I think I need to fix my car, Ya the AC need to be addressed here.  DSC01358.JPG (3194443 bytes) A new sunny morning after a night of extreme hypothermia, Oh this feels soooo gooood!  DSC01359.JPG (3232098 bytes) OK, Water shoes are on.  
DSC01360.JPG (3216525 bytes) The launch site DSC01362.JPG (3126806 bytes) Aim for the deep spot men.  DSC01363.JPG (3179168 bytes) Was this the deep spot? How do you aim? DSC01364.JPG (3133992 bytes) We're going to get wet!!!
DSC01367.JPG (3246822 bytes) Hey, I'm still a bit dry. DSC01368.JPG (3098244 bytes) Avoid sideways down the falls DSC01372.JPG (3256820 bytes) Stroke, Stroke, Stroke DSC01373.JPG (3392792 bytes) Good form men.
DSC01374.JPG (3125895 bytes) OK, not so good form men DSC01375.JPG (3405984 bytes) How do we get up on these rocks like this? DSC01376.JPG (3213065 bytes) By the way, don't forget to jump back in.  
DSC01378.JPG (3360372 bytes) Last rapids guys DSC01379.JPG (3075936 bytes) Almost in the spot. DSC01381.JPG (3212926 bytes) Let me just step out and pull us in, yikes, since when did it get so deep.  
DSC01383.JPG (3180533 bytes) Hurry guys, there's no wet suit on this body. DSC01383.JPG (3180533 bytes) Quick, pulls us in.  DSC01387.JPG (3192425 bytes) You tired yet? One more run eh!  
DSC01388.JPG (2891175 bytes) What bumps? DSC01389.JPG (2879668 bytes) Texas gate? DSC01390.JPG (2734894 bytes) zzzzzzz...