Lillian Lake Camp

Photo Library - Wasootch & Ribbon Falls

After a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes, we headed up to the Wasoocth climbing wall. Jeff arrived early to get us a good spot. The place did get busy with a bus load of kids from some camp. 100-0081_IMG.JPG (127530 bytes) Early instructions for the 1st group
100-0082_IMG.JPG (81166 bytes) Cory, the guy with the climbing ability of a bug. Up down, left right what's the difference? 100-0083_IMG.JPG (110181 bytes) Paul's outlook is that Up is good. 100-0084_IMG.JPG (148616 bytes) Down not so good. 100-0085_IMG.JPG (162963 bytes) Notice the chameleon attire use to blend in, and to complete the ensemble, orange ballerina slippers. 100-0086_IMG.JPG (149924 bytes) Really, down is not so good!
100-0087_IMG.JPG (150172 bytes) 100-0088_IMG.JPG (148409 bytes) I'll be your  assigned squirrel for your stay here today, I'm responsible to pick up your trail mix. 100-0091_IMG.JPG (128337 bytes) Back up again. 100-0092_IMG.JPG (137089 bytes) Can we talk about this down thing? 100-0093_IMG.JPG (137577 bytes) Back up, again.
100-0094_IMG.JPG (155938 bytes) If you don't want the elevator ride down, we could work on the climb down approach. 100-0095_IMG.JPG (143497 bytes) Climb down could be good. 100-0096_IMG.JPG (174176 bytes) Enough with this up and down stuff already, my arms are bushed. 100-0097_IMG.JPG (146511 bytes) I think I'll try some up and ... 100-0098_IMG.JPG (117768 bytes) and then a bit of left right.
100-0099_IMG.JPG (151749 bytes) Should I chase that squirrel and get my peanut back? 100-0100_IMG.JPG (131807 bytes) Team 2 has arrived, go ahead, try to thrill me. 101-0101_IMG.JPG (141945 bytes) Concerned about his image, the leader tries to make it look easy, he's consoled in the fact that they couldn't see his panic level breathing from down there. 101-0102_IMG.JPG (85910 bytes) This is how you bunny hop down, bum out, legs straight, body forming an 'L'. 101-0103_IMG.JPG (148834 bytes) Did I just bounce on a squirrel?
101-0104_IMG.JPG (171168 bytes) How to dance with a harness around your ankles. A 1 and a 2, hop 101-0105_IMG.JPG (39084 bytes) Up and down, ok, now for some left right. 101-0106_IMG.JPG (149900 bytes) Look Mom, I can do it!! 101-0107_IMG.JPG (103434 bytes) Ok, legs straight, butt out, right???  The boys hustled home, scarffed back all forms of pitas & fajitas , cold cuts, cheeses and veggies, then whipped into their new attire and....