Lillian Lake Camp

Photo Library - Hostel & Troll Falls

100-0062_IMG.JPG (78014 bytes) New bunks at the hostel 100-0063_IMG.JPG (83963 bytes) Hmmm, lets see, who's pillow can I steal now. 100-0064_IMG.JPG (134552 bytes) Walk this way Boys! 100-0065_IMG.JPG (103114 bytes) The Von Trapp family singing 'The hills are alive with the sound of music' 100-0066_IMG.JPG (133419 bytes) I'm sure I could have thrown it farther if I had my kilt on.
100-0067_IMG.JPG (102826 bytes) Maybe if I chuck it like a spear I can get it farther? 100-0068_IMG.JPG (149823 bytes) No, I think its how you crook your leg at the end. 100-0069_IMG.JPG (134200 bytes) Quiet guys, I'm taking a picture of the Troll. 100-0070_IMG.JPG (99241 bytes) 100-0071_IMG.JPG (97458 bytes)
100-0072_IMG.JPG (87344 bytes) 100-0073_IMG.JPG (71856 bytes) So this is where you go in and use your dandruff shampoo? 100-0074_IMG.JPG (69371 bytes) 100-0075_IMG.JPG (78797 bytes) I think this log is sinking!!! 100-0076_IMG.JPG (85643 bytes) Nothing like a wet slimy log for a reeeal challenge.
100-0077_IMG.JPG (112850 bytes) Me and my pal Mitch 'Bunny', and by the way, that is bunny poo. 100-0078_IMG.JPG (97297 bytes) Is there anything underneath us? 100-0079_IMG.JPG (57208 bytes)  Nothing like deep dish lasagna. 100-0080_IMG.JPG (75831 bytes) For those who choose the budget plan we offer 1/2 size beds with 1 pillow. (Hey, where's my pillow) End of day one's adventureszzzzzzz.