Lillian Lake Camp

Photo Library - Summit - Guinn's Pass 7874'

Morning greeted us with a fresh blanked of snow. We used the remaining fuel and a bit from Dave's supply to heat the insides of the tents enough to dry and then melt off the ice on the outside. We pooled our remaining rations of oatmeal ziplock breakfasts with granola bars and trail mix for breakfast. We were now down to a 3 pouch bag of Tang and a bag of powdered eggs. No one was hungry enough yet to tackle the eggs. 101-0145_IMG.JPG (123327 bytes) Oh, look, were high enough so that we don't get rain anymore.
101-0146_IMG.JPG (29495 bytes) The morning view across the lake.  101-0147_IMG.JPG (133065 bytes) Dave waking up to greet us. On our departure out of camp we met up with a messenger sent from Park Canada. The Orths had contacted them and let them know they had pulled out last night, but left ration in site 16 for us.  She offered us the shelter of the ranger cabin near by, but we were all ready to head off for the summit. She took note of our meager rations and advised us of the trail conditions that lay ahead of us.
101-0148_IMG.JPG (137761 bytes) Starting the initial ascent was pleasant enough. 101-0149_IMG.JPG (185453 bytes) Time to adjusts the pants and packs for the real climbing. 101-0150_IMG.JPG (184608 bytes) Wait, come back, you need to help me get my pack on! 101-0151_IMG.JPG (155224 bytes) Crossing what makes the Ribbon Falls. 101-0152_IMG.JPG (138840 bytes) I knew I should have brought my snow board.
101-0153_IMG.JPG (154211 bytes) Cross roads for Buller and Guinn's pass. Hey you can catch snowflakes here. 101-0154_IMG.JPG (68305 bytes) Ahh, this is sooo soft when I fall. 101-0155_IMG.JPG (56790 bytes) Snow clouds approach from behind.

Hurry up will ya.

101-0156_IMG.JPG (59647 bytes) Throw caution to the wind and take a break for some snow bowling. 101-0157_IMG.JPG (45167 bytes) The snow cloud hits and the group splits up. Lead party will signal when the reach the summit. 
The going is tough but the leader devise a plan to rally their strength. Magic Tang  Snowcones for all at the summit. 101-0158_IMG.JPG (49613 bytes) The party finally reaches the summit,  their unconquerable spirits showing. 101-0159_IMG.JPG (78129 bytes) The victors plunge in their snowballs and coat them with Tang. Could anything taste so good? The Cell phone Gods were please with our efforts and miraculously one for them worked and we contacted the Orths. They were now on their way and would meet us on Galatea Trail. 101-0160_IMG.JPG (84844 bytes) The decent commences and the party dips below the clouds.
101-0161_IMG.JPG (103527 bytes) The effects of the magic Snowcones is still lingering. 101-0162_IMG.JPG (122073 bytes) Some permanent side effects may be experienced. 101-0163_IMG.JPG (106187 bytes) Leaving the barren rock waste land the boys can see the lush greenery ahead. 101-0164_IMG.JPG (103947 bytes) One last chance to scoop up some snow to wet the pallet and cool the brain.  101-0165_IMG.JPG (98282 bytes) Challenging the strength of an Ice bridge, Hmmm, maybe if I jump on it?
101-0166_IMG.JPG (113387 bytes) Canteens are gathered before they leave the stream. 101-0167_IMG.JPG (155672 bytes) Are we going to have that protozoa thing for some meal? 101-0168_IMG.JPG (137694 bytes) Then, from out of nowhere the same messenger arrives again, but comes bearing bags of trail mix... Truly she is an angel of mercy. The mix even had mint chocolate chips. Nothing like fresh breath amongst fellow travelers. The boys were now able to go on knowing they could make it to end without having to eat powdered eggs.