Lillian Lake Camp

Photo Library - Ribbon Lake

Our morning menu offered  ziplock breakfast in a bag to start us off right. Then after a damp and leisurely morning ( & afternoon waiting the rain and hail out) we closed down the camp and resumed our trek. 101-0119_IMG.JPG (166235 bytes) Did he pass some gas?
101-0120_IMG.JPG (143897 bytes) Just straining out some protozoa boys. 101-0121_IMG.JPG (171848 bytes) Do you think were having protozoa for lunch? I don't know, what do they taste like? 101-0122_IMG.JPG (164662 bytes) I can do anything you can do better.
(another Von Trapp number)
101-0124_IMG.JPG (117616 bytes) We couldn't be wetter if we were under that thing. 101-0126_IMG.JPG (121825 bytes) Look, I'm a fire breathing dragon. 
Eh, I just coughed up this fur ball.
101-0127_IMG.JPG (71691 bytes) And the evil mists beckon at their heals... 101-0128_IMG.JPG (46385 bytes) Soon no one could tell which way was up, despite the training at Wasootch. 101-0129_IMG.JPG (39475 bytes) Our eagle eyes scouts persevered and eventual spy out the dreaded Chain Trail Mountains of Nor. 101-0130_IMG.JPG (39151 bytes) After anchoring in, our lead scout climbs off.  101-0131_IMG.JPG (35360 bytes) The others look in awe at his strength and agility.
101-0132_IMG.JPG (30076 bytes) My arms have to do this thing again, right! 101-0133_IMG.JPG (101169 bytes) Do I do that 'Butt stick out L shape' thing here? 101-0134_IMG.JPG (90772 bytes) Oh, right, I just stay up here and help them up. 101-0135_IMG.JPG (74882 bytes) Concentrate, and say 'No down here, no down here' OK I got it, I'm ready. 101-0136_IMG.JPG (68194 bytes) Hey, think we should take the heavy stuff from our packs and put it in the leaders packs while they're not looking?
101-0137_IMG.JPG (107948 bytes) Count me in! 101-0139_IMG.JPG (143876 bytes) Not Down, Not Down! 101-0138_IMG.JPG (136229 bytes) This sure seems a lot  heavier! 101-0140_IMG.JPG (123712 bytes) Think he  suspects anything? Not yet, but we better switch it at the top. 101-0142_IMG.JPG (82589 bytes) How do you like my glow in the dark chest stripes, they're all the rage.
101-0141_IMG.JPG (103447 bytes) I don't know how my stuff could possibly have gotten into your pack? 101-0143_IMG.JPG (88033 bytes) After overcoming the dreaded Chain Trail Mountains of Nor the group felt unconquerable. 101-0144_IMG.JPG (61450 bytes) Then some remembered the curse that might come on any that were not honourable after passing over it. Shortly there after the group found their way to Ribbon lake, and to their astonishment found someone already there. It was Dave from England. He also had a roaring fire ready to greet them.
The entertaining commenced at once, and of course the 2 leaders unloaded and went to pop up a couple tents before daylight totally disappeared.
Rations by this time had become scarce. We had hoped to make it all the way to Lillian Lake to meet up with our party of Orths. But surveying our situation, it was best we stay the night with Dave and share a few stories.