Lillian Lake Camp

Photo Library - Galetea Creek- The Reunion

Once at the crossroad of Lillian lake and Galatea trail the boys found renewed strength and doubled their speed. It was arduous on a loaded down leaders to keep up. 101-0169_IMG.JPG (104735 bytes) 101-0170_IMG.JPG (106909 bytes) A fellow traveler came by and offer to take our picture.
101-0171_IMG.JPG (155981 bytes) Hey, this is pretty soft ground down here. 101-0172_IMG.JPG (156528 bytes) Look, a tree with no trunk. Strange eh! 101-0173_IMG.JPG (153283 bytes) Ah, the life on a park bench. Could use a catapult to get you and your pack up again though. 101-0174_IMG.JPG (134874 bytes) 'This wasn't really that hard', says the smallest one in the group. 101-0175_IMG.JPG (158971 bytes) Looks like a good water stop.
101-0176_IMG.JPG (123640 bytes) This forest living room furniture is pretty good eh! 101-0177_IMG.JPG (112660 bytes) Look here, some Oriental hikers sporting their orange attire. Easy to spot them eh! 101-0178_IMG.JPG (163070 bytes) Traffic is kind of busy this time of day, don't you think?    
101-0179_IMG.JPG (157098 bytes)We finally rendezvoused with our Orth brothers. The father of Mitch was there as well. Everyone was very excited. They took the load of our burdenous packs and offered us fresh crisp apples and granola bars. Truly none could taste better.


101-0181_IMG.JPG (148390 bytes) The father of Mitch took on the heaviest pack too show his gratitude in having his son back and well. That leader needed to put rocks in his pockets to keep him on the ground.
101-0182_IMG.JPG (177007 bytes) I want the green granola bars with the honey mustard dip. 101-0183_IMG.JPG (157038 bytes) Adding rhythm to our step as we cross the Kananaskis river. 101-0184_IMG.JPG (147579 bytes) Trails End, 200 yards of 30 degree uphill grade. Just one more trial to test your metal. 101-0185_IMG.JPG (127897 bytes) The straggling leaders finally meet up with the trail blazing team. 101-0186_IMG.JPG (139598 bytes) and the man-in-tights wraps it up. All are in safely and rather tight as well in one van.
Reward promised, were paid. 101-0187_IMG.JPG (105102 bytes) 101-0188_IMG.JPG (108346 bytes) 101-0189_IMG.JPG (113574 bytes) After the Big Meals went down, round 2 begins.

And the all lived happily ever after.