Lillian Lake Summer Camp - Log

Date Wednesday, July 31 Saturday Aug 3, 2002
Location Kananaskis Country Lillian Lake
Leaving 5:00pm from 315 Alcott Cres. S.E.
First night will be Ribbon Creek Hostel
Thursday activity will be with Jeff Bondy and Karl Burndorfer at Wasootch creek. Boy will be doing some top roping exercises.  Some late afternoon activities will be held at Kananaskis village.
Thursday night start hike up to Lillian Lake .
Friday explore Lillian Lake .
Saturday hike back to Ribbon creek.
Leave for Calgary around 4:00pm home at 6:00pm .

Boy will be dropped of at their homes.

Boys will be given assignments that will need to be carried out to earn required badges.

Contacts Gerry, Ribbon Creek Hostel  (866) 762-4122, (403) 591-7333

Karl Burndorfer Cell # 605-3003

Nearest Hospital:

Canmore General Hospital
1100 Hospital Pl
Canmore , Alberta , Canada   T1W 1N2
Telephone 403-678-5536

Boys will require Tents, Full backpacks, mess & toilet kits, sleeping bags and foamy. Complete list, maps etc will be provided by the boys assigned.


Logan Leader/Coordinator
Trent Menu/Groceries
Mitch Group Gear
Paul & Tyler Maps, Lists, Agenda
Games Matt
Log Jordan J.


Sunday July 28

By 6:00pm

Hand out all camp information

Tuesday July 30


Pack check at Brother Burndorfers. 315 Alcott Crescent S.W.

Wednesday July 31


Leave from Brother Burndorfers house. 315 Alcott Crescent S.W.



Arrive at Ribbon Creek Hostel



Shower at Troll Falls

Thursday Aug 1


Climb at Wasootch creek



hike to Ribbon falls Campground (10 km hike)



Arrive at Ribbon Falls Camp Ground

Friday Aug 2


Hike to Lillian Lake



Swimming/Air Mattress Rafting on Lillian Lake

Saturday Aug 3


Hike to Galatea Parking lot



Leave Ribbon Creek hostel parking lot and head home


6:00 7:00pm

Arrive in Calgary and drop off boys

Distances & Link to Map

Distances:                                                                                   Elevation       Max elevation
Ribbon Creek parking lot                                                                     1479m
Ribbon Creek parking lot to Ribbon Falls    11km    350m gain     1829m  
Ribbon Falls to Ribbon Lake                            2km    244m gain      2073m
Ribbon Lake to Guinns Pass trail head        1.5km      91m gain     2164m
trail head to Summit                                           1km    259m gain     2423m
Summit to Galetea Creek trail                           2km    457m loss     1966m
Galatea trail to parking lot                                 5km    259m loss     1707m
Ribbon Creek hostel to Troll Falls                   2km    
Troll Falls to hostel                                             2km

Totals                                                                             25.5km    944m gain    716m loss


Wednesday Supper (at Hostel) Lasagne, salad, garlic bread, Fruitopia mixed drink
Thursday Breakfast (at Hostel) Pancakes, eggs and bacon, Save leftover bacon in plastic bag for later meal.
  Lunch Submarine sandwiches prepared at hostel prior to departure, lunch box drinks.
  Supper (at back pack site) Shepard's Pie.
Friday Breakfast Breakfast burritos - I.e. egg mixture with sausage, cheddar cheese and tabasco sauce in a tortilla schell, Drink tang.
  Lunch Grill ems prepared in special whole wheat pita shells. Fried or roasted over an open fire.
  Supper Angel hair filleto di pomodora, Dessert Fruit cobbler.
Saturday Breakfast Oatmeal and or eggs