Historical Events

September 15 2002

Our truest scouter Jeff Bondy and his wife Carolyn left for their second medical mission. This time to Guatemala. 

They had server an 18 month mission 2 years before in El Salvador. It was great having him in our troop. He had a wealth of experience, knowledge, and the equipment we needed to borrow. 

This was their missionary farewell at the Heritage Chapel:

We'll miss him. But I'm sure we can keep in touch with EMails. Here's his first:


First Letter sent Wed 25/09/2002 8:24 PM:

From: losmisioneros@shaw.ca

Hello Karl, Nancy & Family,

We had a very good flight down yesterday - uneventful for the most part. The only unsettling part was when we experienced some turbulence which flip flopped Carolyn's stomach. However, no little bag was required to be used.

Today we toured the new (to us) Conference Centre. It is an amazing building. We really enjoyed all of the art works therein. After our tour, we went to 'The Garden'; a beautiful little restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown SLC. Following that, we went into the theatre there and saw 'The Testaments'. It brought tears to our eyes. It depicts and contrasts between what was going on on this continent and what was happening at the same time in Jerusalem, following the time from the Saviors' birth to his resurrection; and subsequent visit to his "other sheep".

Carolyn calls the place we are in now a "spiritual spa".

Thanks for keeping in touch.


Elder & Sister Bondy

Nov 2003 - Hermana Bondy & I in the ruins of a Catholic Cathedral in 'La Antigua Guatemala


Dec 2003 - Still using Scouts skill here.  Check out their hiking to the top of a Volcano.