Lake Louise - Downhill Skiing

January 01, 2011

Pavel and I headed out to the slops early in the morning. (6:30am) but boy did we get a sweet parking spot.  

Great time to hit the slopes with not that many people there and weather not too cold. 

Adriano should have come but didn't, so hopefully after seeing all our cool shots you'll feel you missed a sweet event and vow never to miss another one.

PS: the fellow skiers we visited with on the gondola rides up all recommended to never take lessons at COP, go to someplace with real snow and lots of room like Lake Louise.

Photo Library

IMG_2390.JPG (1861787 bytes) Bit cold up here first ting in the morning. IMG_2391.JPG (3244689 bytes) Wait for those snow boarders to cinch up those bindings... IMG_2392.JPG (3466653 bytes) Almost ready IMG_2393.JPG (1886139 bytes) Both ready now... 
Mastering the jump Mastering the other jump Mastering the jump - attempt 2 IMG_2397.JPG (2808375 bytes) Nice carving bud.
IMG_2398.JPG (2050372 bytes) Look, no poles IMG_2399.JPG (1989309 bytes) I think Pavel just left. IMG_2401.JPG (1786806 bytes) Amazing how the freezing air can etch a permanent smile on your face.
IMG_2402.JPG (1762534 bytes) OK, goggles down, face mask up, I'm ready! IMG_2403.JPG (1826466 bytes) Maybe I should try skiing without poles? IMG_2404.JPG (2053954 bytes) Up high eh! IMG_2405.JPG (1949553 bytes) OK, ready for 15 minutes of extreme down
IMG_2406.JPG (2113270 bytes) You bet! IMG_2407.JPG (1597197 bytes) off into the sunset Mastering the jump - attempt 3 After the successful jump
Mastering the other jump, Attempt 2 IMG_2412.JPG (1932670 bytes) Getting a bit foggy out here. IMG_2413.JPG (1924329 bytes) Pavel weaving between the pedestrian. IMG_2414.JPG (2315057 bytes) ready for AAAIRRR
IMG_2415.JPG (2332592 bytes) Look Mom, I'm still up!