Lac Des Arch - Environmental Project

This was a World Conservation project taken on by Kirk Snider and assisted by Strider Zobel. They were supported by their Leaders and their fellow scouts in completing this project. Friends of Kananaskis contact, Don Cocherton, was contacted and he offered the challenge to our boys to help create a new trail along Lac Des Arch. The group gets together one weekend every (summer) month to do the work, with some larger project going on throughtout the summer.

The trails were needed to minimize the environmental damage of hikes in the area. The trials would ensure proper water runoff to avoid erosion.


Complete Log of Events

Special Thanks to...

Don Cocherton (297-5969) the Calgary based contact
for Volunteer Trail care program, and the work party
coordinator Laura-lee Dyke.
Friends of Kananaskis Volunteer group.

123 Willow Park Team Members

Kirk Snider, Strider Zobell - Project Leaders
Karl Burndorfer, Richard McCue - Adult Leaders
Daniel Burndorfer, Ezra Lau, Lyle Wilmot - Scouts

Picture Gallery:

L01ChainGang.jpg (50428 bytes) The chain gang singing "Swing low sweet Chariot" L02MakingTrail.jpg (63760 bytes) Making trails is tougher than it looks... L03CrewLunch.jpg (51109 bytes) But the crew lunch always makes up for it. L04PolaskiTradeTool.jpg (57086 bytes) The pulaski trade tool. L05WhatAJob.jpg (58411 bytes) What a job, eh!
L06FriendOfKananaskis1.jpg (41756 bytes) The Friends of Kananskis team L07FriendOfKananaskis2.jpg (39146 bytes) One more.