Kinder Kop - Service Activity

May 17, 2017

The boys all thought it would be great if they could help out their parents and other family adults, by providing a opportunity for them to have a nice date night or a shopping night and we would take care of the kids.

Photo Library

Cookie making station      
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Running in the halls and the play room      
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The movie theater      
IMG_5899.JPG (1876665 bytes) I never knew Schwarzenagger was in a kids movie. Image result for kindergarten cop 1    
The science room How to make slime!    
IMG_5903.JPG (1840481 bytes) IMG_5904.JPG (1980223 bytes)  The chemical formula for Slime is on the chalk board.  IMG_5905.JPG (1963064 bytes) IMG_5901.JPG (2227927 bytes) The real McCoy, ooou!
Sam's Nature Scavenger Hunt      
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IMG_5912.JPG (3525229 bytes)      
Sam shows how the play the game called Bite the Bubble.    
IMG_5914.JPG (2437031 bytes) Kick your paws through the puddles IMG_5915.JPG (3086412 bytes) Then when a bubble pops up, Bite it. IMG_5916.JPG (3275411 bytes) There's one, Chomp. Gone, easy eh!  
The kitchen crew Finishing off  the leftovers    
IMG_5917.JPG (1857217 bytes) IMG_5922.JPG (1843835 bytes) The gallon challenge is one... IMG_5923.JPG (1899380 bytes) IMG_5924.JPG (1724897 bytes)
IMG_5925.JPG (1694212 bytes) IMG_5926.JPG (1935082 bytes) IMG_5927.JPG (1575653 bytes) IMG_5928.JPG (1678824 bytes)
IMG_5929.JPG (1769341 bytes) IMG_5930.JPG (1845455 bytes) IMG_5931.JPG (1754136 bytes) IMG_5932.JPG (1684443 bytes) Burp!
Pickup Time      
IMG_5918.JPG (2063786 bytes) Do I have to go!!! IMG_5919.JPG (2063944 bytes) IMG_5920.JPG (2467096 bytes) Look what I made mom! IMG_5938.JPG (2670331 bytes)
Cleanup time      
IMG_5921.JPG (2698376 bytes) Maybe popcorns wasn't such a good idea IMG_5933.JPG (1655005 bytes) IMG_5934.JPG (2216666 bytes) IMG_5936.JPG (3120160 bytes)