JSE - Pioneer Camp

Rafter 6 Ranch - Kananaskis

June 29-30, 2007

This was a great camp done to the the experience of our Mormon Pioneers.  Boys came up with dress appropriate to the time and experienced many of the same types of experiences. Amid the numerous rains showers on Friday everyone still had a good time and getting a little wet did not seem to bother anyone. Some of the girls were even able to get the guys to get into some line dancing later on in the evening. 

On Saturday the boys got up for a 5:00am hike (Zion's Camp) and that, with out breakfast, trying to match some of the hardships our pioneer ancestors went though.  They put on the play they had practiced after lunch.  The food was great and having everyone bring a pail of cookies for the snack pool provided a sweet variety. 

Team Members

Richard MacMillian, Wayne Johnson - Project Leaders
Tom Alfred, Darren Stone, Garett Herget, Karl Burndorfer - Adult Leaders
Darren Gardner, Matt Vance, Jordan Johnson, Ben Burndorfer, Zachary Peterson, Nathan Johnson - Scouts
Young Men and Women for the Calgary South Stake. 

Picture Gallery:

DSC00689.JPG (3201676 bytes) Hey, It's actually light out at 5:00 am.  DSC00690.JPG (3114991 bytes) The march... DSC00691.JPG (3253200 bytes) going by. DSC00692.JPG (3227190 bytes) Bringing up the rear.
DSC00693.JPG (2993711 bytes) Indian site DSC00694.JPG (3311142 bytes) Short rest DSC00695.JPG (2966665 bytes) Farthest point out on the march.  DSC00696.JPG (3220206 bytes) Considering the sacrifice for the men on Zion's Camp
DSC00697.JPG (3277798 bytes) Would for stay the course, even if it gets real tough? DSC00698.JPG (3203393 bytes) Breakfast in a bag How good was it... DSC00700.JPG (2768404 bytes) Time to dry out the tent.
DSC00701.JPG (3080965 bytes) Our Willow Park site. Humble isn't it.       
Afternoon of games... So how is it done? He's bigger than me, its not fair.  I'm not going down without a fight. 
Teaming up to win.  Zack & Nathan go at it.  Incredible Hulk vs Superman and the Black Knight. Ben and Derek
Derek build up is confidence. Derek ready to take on the ladies now... The ladies playoffs Ladies Champion.
Men's playoff - go Logan. Men's Champion. DSC00714.JPG (3327215 bytes) Superman rules.   
Spike pounding, Derek's new forte. and Champion!    
Pull.... Merella puts in all her strength... Play-offs  
2 bits says I can juggle 3 stones... Ok, how about just 1 hand... DSC00731.JPG (3172500 bytes) Time to drop the tents.... DSC00732.JPG (3305435 bytes) Cleanup the area...
DSC00733.JPG (3210355 bytes) and have beef on a bun with pie for dessert. and then we went home.