Ing's Mine - Spelunking

July 11, 2009

Great day for hiking into a cool cave.  

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer - Scout / YM Leaders
Benjamin Burndorfer, Nathan Johnson, Daniel Urquijo, Connor Johnson, Chris Bodek - Scouts
Tzarina & Arny Van Wieren - Friends

Photo Library

DSC02444.JPG (3256686 bytes) I'm ready to go, where's my bike... DSC02445.JPG (3295864 bytes) Suntan lotion, I don't use suntan lotion. DSC02446.JPG (3036082 bytes) I can do this, just need that rear brake to let go... DSC02447.JPG (3134198 bytes) Hurry up guys or you'll loose Tzarina!
DSC02448.JPG (3322426 bytes) So we hide the bike here? DSC02449.JPG (3237426 bytes) Sure, and then we stick twigs and pine bows into them and no one will see them. DSC02450.JPG (3286706 bytes) Just follow the dog, right? DSC02451.JPG (3119836 bytes) Whoa, that's a big opening!
DSC02452.JPG (3220388 bytes) When the going gets tough, the tough get going DSC02453.JPG (3023510 bytes) You're right it does get dark in there.  DSC02454.JPG (2815004 bytes) No bats or anything, right?  
DSC02456.JPG (3138802 bytes) Do dogs see ok in the dark? DSC02459.JPG (2403282 bytes) I don't think so. Are those his eyes?
DSC02460.JPG (3344376 bytes) Hey look mom, I'm a rock sandwich. DSC02461.JPG (3174079 bytes) So if this flashlight dies  I'm sunk right? DSC02462.JPG (3239916 bytes) So wiggle down to the bottom, drop you but into the cold puddle and squeeze through the other side. 
DSC02465.JPG (2885058 bytes) Now for an easier spelunk, Chris leads the way.. DSC02466.JPG (3135215 bytes) This is not so easy with a camera adding to your width. DSC02467.JPG (3005022 bytes) The feet drop through the birth canal DSC02468.JPG (3322100 bytes) and there he is. A bouncing 6 foot baby boy.
DSC02469.JPG (3269587 bytes) I'm ready for more... DSC02473.JPG (3385000 bytes) OK this is getting really tight DSC02474.JPG (3306827 bytes) Finally, out on the top shelf.  DSC02475.JPG (3114786 bytes) Quite a view of the others from up here. 
DSC02476.JPG (3310867 bytes) Are you guys eating my trail mix? DSC02477.JPG (3282130 bytes) The boys sliding across to the other side DSC02478.JPG (3346325 bytes) How do we get down there? DSC02479.JPG (3227656 bytes) Do we drop into another cave?
DSC02480.JPG (3329522 bytes) Guess I don't need my flashlight out here.  DSC02481.JPG (3164453 bytes) Is that Pack  Rat poop where you're stepping? So how far a drop is it from here? Connor helping Nathan
DSC02484.JPG (3401245 bytes) I'm ready to get heated up now.  Sam show how to handle scree slopes Lesson 2 DSC02487.JPG (3136676 bytes) Meeting up with the guys Chris guided for. 
DSC02488.JPG (3232517 bytes) Thanks for showing us all the spots we would never have found! DSC02489.JPG (3165047 bytes) We're down to the last dog biscuit Sam. The unlimited water bottle, ahhhh.
It's not easy with these short legs to keep up with those down hill speeder. DSC02492.JPG (3393907 bytes) Gee, we should become Park's crew bosses and tell beautify girls how to paint an outhouse.