Ing's Mine Ice caves - Kananaskis

August 3, 2016

Scouts were up for a real challenge, and only the most adventurous ones made it. It was a great bike ride in, and with no mishaps. 

Caves were full of cool icy paths that took you to places you didn't think you could get to.

Team Members

Joey, Uwanna - Scouts

Darren, Karl - Leaders

Photo Library

IMG_20160730_102611.jpg (1728057 bytes) Smooth road eh! IMG_20160730_104534.jpg (1867287 bytes) With a few dips... IMG_20160730_113542.jpg (1400653 bytes) The scramble up. IMG_20160730_113629.jpg (1771544 bytes) Destination in sight.
IMG_20160730_114937.jpg (1567889 bytes) Time for snack. IMG_20160730_124602.jpg (1324724 bytes) I hiked up all that way.  IMG_20160730_124630_hdr.jpg (1421831 bytes) Now with some super powers I could... IMG_20160730_124816_hdr.jpg (1798535 bytes) Ahh the beauty of nature, sure makes you think big.
IMG_20160730_124953.jpg (1981009 bytes) OK, time to leave IMG_20160730_125005.jpg (1614576 bytes) By cave.