Stake Youth BBQ - Hull's Woods

April 24, 2019

Our stake youth all got together for a nice BBQ at Hull's Woods in Fish Creek park.  

Team Members

Angelo, Bowen, Ashton, Josh, Ephraim, Michael, RJ, Ethan, Hale, Ike, Jack  - Young men
Sam - Young women
 Jade, Karl, Brian, Mike, James, Bishop - Leaders

Picture Gallery

20190424_191257.jpg (4614744 bytes) Angela blowing out his flaming marshmallow.  20190424_191309.jpg (5157736 bytes) RJ with Michael spotting mustard on the sweater.  20190424_191332.jpg (5630035 bytes) Jade working his hotdog.  20190424_191659.jpg (3675292 bytes) Jaxson devouring the 1st smore. 
20190424_191703.jpg (5553094 bytes) RJ toasting his marshmallow 20190424_191706_002.jpg (2563672 bytes) Bowen sticking with just the cookie.  20190424_191708.jpg (4067987 bytes) Is it really so much better with marshmallow?  20190424_191738.jpg (5045280 bytes) Ashton assembling his smore. 
20190424_191841.jpg (4655576 bytes) Aneca straining to get the lid off the sauerkraut.  20190424_191844.jpg (4412445 bytes) He passes it to Bishop... 20190424_191848.jpg (5711356 bytes) Piece of cake.  20190424_192128.jpg (4218170 bytes) No you can't use my gameboy. Not until you clean your fingers.
20190424_192140_002.jpg (2597170 bytes) Ashton's moves onto hot chocolate 20190424_192835.jpg (4614861 bytes) James perfects the golden marshmallow 20190424_192838.jpg (3721178 bytes) with a wiener in it.  20190424_192946.jpg (5752057 bytes) Jaxson and the boys  returns with a skeleton.
20190424_192952.jpg (6446925 bytes) So what kind of critter was it?  20190424_195227.jpg (6897590 bytes) Angelo and Michael link up for the circle game. 20190424_195237.jpg (8121538 bytes) John tries to tag himself out.  20190424_195239.jpg (6572755 bytes) Mason tags out Jack. 
20190424_202856.jpg (5464756 bytes) Mike stashing his leftover hotdog into his pocket.  20190424_203504.jpg (4187300 bytes) Michael cleaning the sticky skewers with Angelo and Ike in the background.  20190424_203517.jpg (4639086 bytes) then they finish it off with cake for everyone.