High River Flood - Cleanup Adventures

Saturday & Sunday, 6-7 July 2013. 

Thought some of the out of town CD-OM folks might like to take a picnic in High River this weekend. So we sent out an invite and got a small number up for the event. 

Shelley suggested we  pop over to her friends Annie and Herb. They have a lovely garden home and an art gallery. We caught them quite by surprise and they indicated their place was such a mess. We graciously offered to help tidy things up a bit with them. That took up Saturday. Sunday we just toured the neighbourhood to find something you could really get dirty at. Too easy. Another great day done.

Tem Members

Shelley Bannister, Pat Willmott, Denys Beames, Karl Burndorfer  - AHS team

Photo Library 

DSCN2014.JPG (1570335 bytes) Little bit of dust buildup on their driveway.  DSCN2015.JPG (1594423 bytes) I'll just start at the top of this ramp and clean things up at bit. Don't want anyone to slip, do we now.  DSCN2016.JPG (1622317 bytes) Lets switch to power tools now.  No power! Not a problem. DSCN2017.JPG (1726535 bytes) Bit of petrol in the tank, Now where's the on switch?
DSCN2018.JPG (1509537 bytes) Oh that's right, manual start on this model.  DSCN2019.JPG (1585454 bytes) Nice time for a break, Please join us for a choice of Stroganoff, Asian stir fry (Basmati Rice!), Salads and / or sandwiches. Followed by desserts and your choice of beverages. DSCN2020.JPG (1601522 bytes) She may not keep up with the dusting, but she's an awesome cook! DSCN2021.JPG (1607824 bytes) Shelley and Herb into some heavy lifting.  Compost bin at the back of the yard, right?
2013-07-06 09.16.20.jpg (1979246 bytes) More gas already! 2013-07-06 10.17.05.jpg (1915307 bytes) Dirty water out, clean in... 2013-07-06 10.17.32.jpg (1741976 bytes) We need smaller buckets! 2013-07-06 10.18.17.jpg (1797564 bytes) Come on boys, take a bit of time for a nice cool drink of water!
2013-07-06 13.16.14.jpg (1877309 bytes) The good old days of being a kid and making mud pies, muffins, cookies, bundt cakes... 2013-07-06 13.20.25.jpg (997202 bytes) Car wash training, if you get good here, you can do cars.    
DSCN2022.JPG (1595088 bytes) Pat, a veritable ray of sunshine in the group. Well, at least 2 500 watt bulbs worth, and that's bright!  DSCN2023.JPG (1552325 bytes) Just don't make them like this anymore. Quite sturdy these beams! DSCN2025.JPG (1530184 bytes) Almost done washing up the spilt potting soil.  DSCN2026.JPG (1781199 bytes) Communal showers for everyone after work.  Just need to get a little more wet on the front side here. 
DSCN2027.JPG (1584937 bytes) Tea is ready Pat, hurry up.  DSCN2028.JPG (1860223 bytes) I'll just need a minute to wash up a bit everyone. DSCN2029.JPG (1827674 bytes) We do cleanup nice, see! DSCN2030.JPG (1852947 bytes) We will try to have it a bit more tidy next time you pop by.
DSCN2031.JPG (1586568 bytes) Do come again. DSCN2032.JPG (2002694 bytes) I don't think it's just Herb & Annie, the whole neighbourhood seems a bit disorganized. DSCN2035.JPG (1980911 bytes) Not much of a roller coaster either, I think even I could stomach that ride.  DSCN2036.JPG (1976177 bytes) You'll think twice when you go under that bush.
DSCN2037.JPG (1951138 bytes) Well then, on second thought, maybe I'd pass on their roller coaster.  DSCN2038.JPG (1816427 bytes) Do we line up here for  the rides? DSCN2040.JPG (1811234 bytes) Seems sturdy enough! 2013-07-06 16.27.52.jpg (1751943 bytes) Remind me not to try their Water Slide boat ride.
2013-07-07 11.26.54.jpg (1909071 bytes) Whole new meaning to foot fungus eh! 2013-07-07 14.16.19.jpg (1463208 bytes) Pat: before filling 1 dumpster. 2013-07-07 14.16.12.jpg (2193664 bytes) The full dumpster. 2013-07-07 12.49.12.jpg (1511294 bytes) Pat: after filling the dumpster, pretty gnarly now!
DSCN2041.JPG (1799335 bytes) This is how mud wrestling started. See this chap next to me,  DSCN2042.JPG (1815816 bytes) You get a handful of this mud... DSCN2043.JPG (1590964 bytes) Throw it at him. He'll push you. You'll slip in the mud and grab him as you fall... Thanks so much Annie and Herb. Couldn't find 2 nicer people to help out. We'll have lots of fun memories of the event.


Hope you don't mind the teasing. You have a tough road ahead, and we would certainly come again if you need us.