Helaman's Encampment - Day Two

July 5, 2011

Got up at 6:00 am to pickup breakfast. Cooked and and packed our lunch and then off to the day's activity by 8:00am.

Used our scouting skills to launch spears, build bridges and towers.  Wonders of what you can do with sticks, string, a clove hitch and a bit of square lashing skill.  

Photo Library

IMG_3345.JPG (1035725 bytes)  I'll eat those twizzlers for you Daniel.  IMG_3346.JPG (1160375 bytes)  This should look good on my resume for MacDonald's IMG_3347.JPG (1295127 bytes) Make and pack these Subs for lunch boys. 
IMG_3348.JPG (1674691 bytes) Do I have to get my shoes wet already? IMG_3349.JPG (1518417 bytes) Depends... IMG_3350.JPG (1707574 bytes) Can you jump? IMG_3351.JPG (1573249 bytes) Or just put this log here and climb over.
IMG_3352.JPG (1627938 bytes) That works for me.  IMG_3353.JPG (1547744 bytes) More streams to cross.  IMG_3354.JPG (1603886 bytes) So who's got wet feet so far? IMG_3355.JPG (1158880 bytes) Results from pinching game.
IMG_3356.JPG (673035 bytes) Need to pinch a mosquito out of the air. IMG_3357.JPG (1751553 bytes) Drink anyone. Got my jug out.  IMG_3373.JPG (1366335 bytes) The demonstration, looks good in theory.  IMG_3374.JPG (1628910 bytes) Glad I brought my chair. 
IMG_3375.JPG (2090963 bytes) You hold it like this? IMG_3376.JPG (2123332 bytes) Ok, Here it goes.  IMG_3377.JPG (1422750 bytes) Guaranteed the only one at camp to pull this off.  IMG_3378.JPG (1313658 bytes) First and only bull's-eye. 
IMG_3379.JPG (1828187 bytes) Need to adjust my duct tape feather.  IMG_3383.JPG (1982650 bytes) Did you peg down my pant leg? IMG_3384.JPG (1721900 bytes) This is the winning bridge here.  IMG_3385.JPG (1812662 bytes) Done in record time. 
IMG_3386.JPG (1415320 bytes) IMG_3387.JPG (1546378 bytes) Checking the knots here.  IMG_3388.JPG (1812958 bytes) Seems pretty stable guys.  IMG_3389.JPG (1526743 bytes) Yea, this is good. nice hand rails. 
IMG_3390.JPG (1956061 bytes) IMG_3391.JPG (1805674 bytes) IMG_3392.JPG (1919134 bytes) Daniel's honour is challenged! IMG_3393.JPG (1947082 bytes) The swords clash.
IMG_3394.JPG (1970921 bytes) Felipe receives some taunting to return him to the fight IMG_3395.JPG (1994555 bytes) Fixed to prove the name calling is a lie, the swords clash again IMG_3396.JPG (2135127 bytes) The final blow that will break his sword.
IMG_3397.JPG (1507200 bytes) Running the gantlet... IMG_3398.JPG (1790944 bytes) Cross every teams bridge IMG_3399.JPG (1482253 bytes) no matter how flimsy IMG_3400.JPG (1560591 bytes) and get it done in the shortest time. 
IMG_3401.JPG (1424113 bytes) IMG_3402.JPG (1958475 bytes) wow, that little slip  could of really hurt! IMG_3403.JPG (2048094 bytes) The teams rally him on. IMG_3404.JPG (1619603 bytes) Almost done. Feet getting a bit tangled. 
IMG_3405.JPG (1866348 bytes) Groups move out and cross a stream.  IMG_3406.JPG (1830516 bytes) Can you hold my valuables while I try cross this log? IMG_3407.JPG (1658172 bytes) Hmmm, Logs seem a bit wobbly? IMG_3408.JPG (1529755 bytes)
IMG_3410.JPG (1237626 bytes) So this is what we need to build eh! IMG_3411.JPG (1394643 bytes) Our 2 teams worked together well.  IMG_3412.JPG (1549989 bytes) Check out the base. Seems pretty good.  IMG_3413.JPG (1559871 bytes) Felipe on his safety line. 
IMG_3414.JPG (1621653 bytes) IMG_3415.JPG (1746031 bytes)  IMG_3416.JPG (1850817 bytes) Aren't we suppose to  get them to check this first? IMG_3417.JPG (1455773 bytes) That will take too much time. 
IMG_3418.JPG (1161653 bytes) IMG_3419.JPG (1062091 bytes) IMG_3420.JPG (1425340 bytes) IMG_3421.JPG (1438642 bytes)
IMG_3422.JPG (1521264 bytes) IMG_3424.JPG (1338849 bytes) Winning rules!
IMG_3425.JPG (1373399 bytes) Hiking back home after an early finish. IMG_3426.JPG (992563 bytes) I don't remember a river getting to  this activity... IMG_3427.JPG (1272418 bytes) Alex asks why we were back, thought we left early. So we let him know we went off exploring a bit. 
IMG_3428.JPG (1322478 bytes) Scouts already getting dinner on for us, what nice guys.  IMG_3429.JPG (979768 bytes) Ultimate burger, unhinge jaw and open wide. IMG_3430.JPG (1374756 bytes) These guys can cook! IMG_3431.JPG (1347060 bytes) 4 patties left for me, that should just do it. 
IMG_3432.JPG (2482088 bytes) Fireside with the Polynesian Football player.   IMG_3433.JPG (1360235 bytes) Showing off his ukulele and singing skills. IMG_3434.JPG (1466731 bytes) and brownies before bed, oh ya.