Helaman's Encampment - Day One

July 4, 2011

We left at 6:00 am to get to the Cranston Chapel. All our group gear was already  delivered and now we tossed our personal gear into the U-Haul and headed off. 

It was a great day, hot and sunny. As we drove through Camp Impeesa we could see many of the cool activity stations that were setup. We setup our tents at the the site called Nephi. After that some of us beelined it over to the zip line. 

Later we all got together for the largest dodge ball event I ever saw. 

Photo Library

IMG_3289.JPG (1746219 bytes) How to Assemble a tent. I need to read instructions? IMG_3290.JPG (1564755 bytes) I don't think so. IMG_3291.JPG (1519874 bytes) It may take 3 guys to put one pole together.  IMG_3292.JPG (1040090 bytes) OK, Got top poles through the webbing.
IMG_3294.JPG (1787276 bytes) Ouch, I got poked by a stick.  IMG_3295.JPG (1410942 bytes) Keep pushing the pole in. IMG_3296.JPG (1819047 bytes) View of our neighbors, IMG_3297.JPG (1721835 bytes) Interesting way of climbing a tree.
IMG_3298.JPG (1467087 bytes) Need sustenance. IMG_3299.JPG (1424069 bytes) Others may need more.  IMG_3300.JPG (1349690 bytes) all done, now what do we do? IMG_3301.JPG (1355549 bytes) Just stretching the fly on here. 
IMG_3302.JPG (1214014 bytes) Our favorite Stake guy Kelly coming by to check on us.   IMG_3303.JPG (1070871 bytes) Cool connecting tunnel eh! IMG_3305.JPG (906341 bytes) I think this is roomy enough.  IMG_3306.JPG (1151746 bytes) We could do bowling from one to the other. 
The Zip-line
IMG_3307.JPG (1060355 bytes) Lending out an extra table we acquired.  IMG_3308.JPG (1319381 bytes) Daniel coming out on top of the  tower.  IMG_3309.JPG (1295001 bytes)  Ready to hook up. No fear here!   So do I open the zipper of close it?
IMG_3311.JPG (1514433 bytes) Felipe off to check out the Life Guard. 
Dodge Ball
IMG_3312.JPG (1584559 bytes) Carefully get all the balls between these lines.  IMG_3313.JPG (1209122 bytes) line up all the players behind their lines. IMG_3314.JPG (1680263 bytes) Then blow the horn and back away!
IMG_3315.JPG (1637236 bytes) Quite the mayhem! IMG_3316.JPG (1640946 bytes) Some tough shots hitting those unprotected bodies.  IMG_3317.JPG (1671576 bytes) But they're tough. IMG_3319.JPG (1005803 bytes) Sideline folks getting a lob in every now and then, 
IMG_3320.JPG (1620418 bytes) Not bad for round one.  IMG_3321.JPG (1708793 bytes) It's the deacons now. IMG_3323.JPG (1692577 bytes) Every man for himself out there.  IMG_3324.JPG (1479473 bytes) and the horns calls it quits. 
IMG_3325.JPG (869339 bytes) Maybe stash a few balls under your shirt to get a jump on the next round.  IMG_3326.JPG (1682616 bytes) Time for the Teachers.  IMG_3327.JPG (1494016 bytes) Some peppery shots going off here.  IMG_3328.JPG (1461676 bytes) Couple boys have an ideas on some body armor.
IMG_3329.JPG (1370028 bytes) Great defense but offence is a bit restricted, IMG_3330.JPG (1095578 bytes) Sorry, didn't know you needed the boxes. IMG_3331.JPG (1819785 bytes) Felipe and Daniel in the line up. IMG_3332.JPG (1706974 bytes) A few animations in case you can't find them. 
IMG_3334.JPG (1737438 bytes) Tensions building... Then the real action, in video... Video action from Round two...
Dinner and Fireside
IMG_3336.JPG (1387273 bytes) View from top of Nephi's watch tower. IMG_3337.JPG (1035267 bytes) Sausages, hmmm. IMG_3338.JPG (1317897 bytes) More food coming in.  IMG_3339.JPG (920174 bytes) Every one gets his chores.
IMG_3340.JPG (1017855 bytes) Hard at it.  IMG_3342.JPG (1303813 bytes) Nice and clean again.  Fireside IMG_3344.JPG (836708 bytes) Hot Chocolate and date squares.