Helaman's Encampment - Day Five

July 8, 2011

Got up at 6:00 am again to pickup breakfast. Decided on boiled eggs on toasted sub buns today, less cleanup. Trying to get warmed up for our day on the lake.  Had a lot of wind last night. Kevin decided to sleep under their kitchen tarp. Too many roots under the tent resulted in a way lousy sleep the night before. Unfortunately half way through the night the wind got so violent their main center post gave way and landed a foot from his head. He did wake up with a start. but was still all in one piece. 

The Lake Adventure.  

Photo Library

IMG_3623.JPG (1171494 bytes) Oh, this is good.  IMG_3624.JPG (498640 bytes) The lethal dart.  IMG_3625.JPG (1016048 bytes) Want to see me shoot with one eye closed? IMG_3626.JPG (1196558 bytes) bulls eye, almost.
IMG_3627.JPG (974670 bytes) Let me show you how a pro does it. IMG_3628.JPG (1188758 bytes) Cold enough for a hot chocolate breakfast. IMG_3629.JPG (681976 bytes) It's Kermy! IMG_3630.JPG (561068 bytes) Any one want to kiss him? Might turn into a prince!
IMG_3631.JPG (1005986 bytes) Yo ho ho and a barrel of rum! IMG_3632.JPG (1100333 bytes) It got too heavy, can you carry it? IMG_3633.JPG (805067 bytes) The holes aren't lining up... IMG_3634.JPG (906178 bytes) You know how to tie the knot that holds the barrels?
IMG_3635.JPG (758598 bytes) There, I think that should hold it. IMG_3636.JPG (935289 bytes) Hoist her up mates! IMG_3637.JPG (898437 bytes) Feels pretty sea worth. eh! IMG_3638.JPG (744498 bytes) No leaks, barrels holding, seems good. 
IMG_3639.JPG (837879 bytes) OK, some of you are going to have to get your feet wet.  IMG_3640.JPG (823703 bytes) But it's so cold... IMG_3641.JPG (864352 bytes) Arr, Maties IMG_3642.JPG (811574 bytes) Check out that stroking power. 
IMG_3643.JPG (1303344 bytes) Past the first buoy and rowing back to shore. Wind got the other raft and took it clean over to the other side.  IMG_3644.JPG (1082418 bytes) Readying the raft to build the fire.  IMG_3645.JPG (979802 bytes) Still readying.  IMG_3646.JPG (1072712 bytes) OK, working on the 1 match fire.
IMG_3647.JPG (1137825 bytes) Their done, our turn.. IMG_3648.JPG (977009 bytes) can we steal some of those embers? IMG_3649.JPG (636748 bytes) This is you're captain speaking. IMG_3650.JPG (633443 bytes) Well done,  ya bilge rats. 
IMG_3651.JPG (741189 bytes) So I'm not to keen of going swimming now.  IMG_3652.JPG (799243 bytes) Ya, even with these wet suits, we're  freezing. IMG_3653.JPG (782241 bytes) Bunch of sissy's, what's a little cold water.  IMG_3654.JPG (964583 bytes) I've been looking forward to this all day. 
IMG_3655.JPG (663602 bytes) Lets pack up and head home for a meal boys.  IMG_3656.JPG (910540 bytes) Check out all the cool fishing tackle I found! IMG_3657.JPG (832187 bytes) Kevin and his treasure, Mitch and his 1 log raft.  IMG_3658.JPG (850737 bytes) Hey Kevin, It's hard turning this thing. 
IMG_3659.JPG (711389 bytes) I'll snorkel out and be your rudder.  IMG_3660.JPG (860627 bytes) Hmm, more treasures. 
IMG_3661.JPG (996956 bytes) Hotdogs and beans! It's going to be punchy in the tent tonight.  IMG_3662.JPG (902736 bytes) I think I'll stick to fruit cocktail.  IMG_3664.JPG (1024870 bytes) Well, maybe just a few beans wouldn't hurt.  IMG_3665.JPG (823096 bytes) A few, we're eating a whole can each!
IMG_3666.JPG (848934 bytes) Oh this is going to be good.  IMG_3665.JPG (823096 bytes) I can't get any more into the pot.  IMG_3668.JPG (991654 bytes)  Start up another pot I guess. 
IMG_3669.JPG (847297 bytes) We figured out what we could do with our left over apples... IMG_3670.JPG (1101065 bytes) Guess this horse is a bit picky. IMG_3671.JPG (1146519 bytes) The owner said it's his bridal. IMG_3672.JPG (1249778 bytes) Hard to chew with it on. 
IMG_3673.JPG (949727 bytes) There's a scout still trying to do a good turn. Ask if he could help me carry this lifejacket. IMG_3674.JPG (829425 bytes) It wasn't that heavy, but it's the thought that counts. IMG_3675.JPG (1152838 bytes) Afternoon football game starts.
IMG_3676.JPG (999109 bytes) Final Fireside. IMG_3677.JPG (920633 bytes) Getting ready for those canon fired t-shirts.  IMG_3678.JPG (424658 bytes) Just missed one there.  IMG_3679.JPG (867597 bytes) Another one lands just in front of us. 
IMG_3680.JPG (850253 bytes) Lucky recipient catches it in his poncho.  IMG_3681.JPG (980503 bytes) Check if it's your size, dude. IMG_3682.JPG (538973 bytes) Another in-coming t-shirt. IMG_3683.JPG (858661 bytes) Good old Conner, great catching arm.  Trouble is he's already wearing the same shirt. Maybe I could sell this?
IMG_3684.JPG (830766 bytes) Felipe leaves the group to be part of the Honour Guard.  IMG_3685.JPG (923898 bytes) Pres. Erickson presenting the boring stuff again.  IMG_3686.JPG (489155 bytes) Felipe representing us in the Guard. IMG_3687.JPG (550868 bytes) He looks pretty official up there. 
IMG_3688.JPG (1676269 bytes) Getting to the point where he folds his part.  IMG_3689.JPG (1688562 bytes) There it is. The flag we all signed,  folded up.  IMG_3690.JPG (1045914 bytes) Now handed to Bro. Beck.  IMG_3691.JPG (1193773 bytes) He's going to present it to President Monson for us. 
IMG_3692.JPG (713658 bytes) Now for hot chocolate.  IMG_3693.JPG (705786 bytes) I'll just put the water into the container. I like it strong.  IMG_3694.JPG (692583 bytes) A bit for me too please.  IMG_3695.JPG (1116537 bytes) Good thing we have a few of there choco containers left. 
IMG_3696.JPG (890791 bytes) Now I can see the bugs floating in my drink.  IMG_3697.JPG (798887 bytes) I know that's a nice cabin behind me here, but it's just not camping if you're not in a tent!

Good night boys.