Helaman's Encampment - Break Camp

July 9, 2011

Got up at 6:00 am again to pickup breakfast. Porridge with raisins, no boys going to eat this.  Headed over to Skookum where Mary was camped. She also had a parking spot to go with the cabin.  So she offered to drive us out and drop us by our trucks and vans. She and the Bishop got the boys home. I pulled up the rear with the cargo van and our stake's gear.  What a great camp! And no rain or wet gear to pack out. Doesn't get better than this. 

Photo Library

IMG_3698.JPG (925312 bytes) Bishop feeling sad to leave the camp and head home. IMG_3699.JPG (965078 bytes) We don't travel light. IMG_3700.JPG (928288 bytes) Well some of us don't. IMG_3701.JPG (1213974 bytes) Come on, put you back into it, we can lift this!
IMG_3702.JPG (815878 bytes) Fill her up boys. Lots of room. IMG_3703.JPG (1028420 bytes) Pres Erickson, Bro Beck and I think Bro. Melchin. Discussing the many miracles that were employed to make this a great and memorable event for every boy,  IMG_3704.JPG (730519 bytes) And the guy who chased out the Grisly bears for us.
IMG_3705.JPG (768907 bytes) Next generation of boys try out an almost empty pack. IMG_3706.JPG (773675 bytes) See Grandpa I can do it, so you'll take me next year? The end.