Halloween Party - Put on by our boys

October 28, 2015

Our boys put in a lot of planning, as we were in charge of the overall event. Decorations were assigned to New Brighton and Food was assigned to McKenzie.  

Decorations were kept to a tight budget, but really helped illuminate the gym. High tension streamers and hanging glow sticks, with glowing Halloween stickers for the walls. 

Games were:

Zombie Wiffle Ball, where in a dark gym, zombies had to tag humans wearing glow ring collars, Humans had to kill zombies using the glowing wiffle balls. 
Golden Balls (from UK TV game show). Contestants are paired, and have 2 golden balls (our case 2 playing cards). One is used to steal, the other to share. Each has a chance to win up to 2 bags of candy. Players discuss and try convincing their opponent how to vote. If both play share, each gets a bag of candy, if one steals and the other shares, the stealer gets both bags, if both steal, the house keeps the candy. 

Food was perfect, and sure hit the spot after all that action. Pizza and floats, doesn't get better than that. 

Team Members

Kolton Nordal, Sam Lloyd - WP Youth Leaders
Bryce Williams - NB Youth Leaders 
?? - MK Youth Leaders

Photo Library

IMG_3773.JPG (1642554 bytes) Preparing the Wiffleballs IMG_3774.JPG (2204771 bytes) Hey, these look cool all together in the bag! IMG_3775.JPG (2513876 bytes) OK, lets get more artistic. IMG_3776.JPG (2655798 bytes) This is better than LiteBrite
IMG_3778.JPG (2258399 bytes) Nice side shot IMG_3780.JPG (2199077 bytes) Now lets add in the floor sticks.  IMG_3781.JPG (1968171 bytes) Its a galaxy far far away...  
Zombie Wiffle ball game in action      
IMG_3782.JPG (1480215 bytes) Can you see all the action going on here? IMG_3783.JPG (1524089 bytes) Looks like zombies are winning.    
Golden Balls - to the final playoff      
IMG_3784.JPG (2531645 bytes) She looks so innocent, Who would have thought she's do that. IMG_3785.JPG (2577727 bytes) Spectators are rallying for their favorites. IMG_3786.JPG (2233584 bytes) Its a 3 way split now. Tayson Steals and gets away with it. IMG_3787.JPG (2543308 bytes) Hanna dupes her opponent.
IMG_3788.JPG (2627869 bytes) Double Steal!!! What a shame. House keeps the candy.