Halloween Party

October 24, 2006

Boys really got into planning out and executing this project. A lot of work went into the many scary components of the Walk down the Haunted Stage. Afterwards the boys provided the young women and their leaders with and fitting scary dinner. Menu had Pumpkin loafs turned into chili bowls. These really looked cool. And of course, desserts. The young lading all dressed us very fitting to the occasion. After dinner the boys had a costume judging and provided prizes.

Team Members

Ben Burndorfer, Matt Vance, Matt Swerid, Aaron Carrier, Nathan Johnson, Jordan Johnson, Mitchell Henry - Scouts & Venturers
David Badesso, Kevin Aneca, Tom Elford, Garett Herget, Steven Williams - Leaders
Young Women group and their leaders

Photo Library

IMG_2859.JPG (521533 bytes) So 1st they get tangled in the cob webs, then they trip over the clothes line, but catch their head in this low hanging noose...  IMG_2860.JPG (734271 bytes) Sometimes a bit of coercion is needed to get those less than savory task assigned. IMG_2861.JPG (602614 bytes) There's no risk of electrocution when I push this ladder light tracks, is there!!! IMG_2862.JPG (529572 bytes) So how it works is; the girls come screaming, looking for the exit. At the last second you fling open the door, They bounce back off the door and fall through the drapes onto the gym floor.
IMG_2863.JPG (693054 bytes) No really, your the best guy for this task, It's just my last volunteer, well he's ah, indisposed.   IMG_2864.JPG (658599 bytes) Now is it the red wire or the white wire that I connect to the cob webs? Oh that's it, white is ground, red is hot. IMG_2865.JPG (861535 bytes) Hey, wash your hands before preparing their food guys.  IMG_2866.JPG (914681 bytes) So who's chili bowl got the diaper dip?
IMG_2869.JPG (439438 bytes) Sure is smoky in here, and dark, Ah, my eyes, who flashed me.... IMG_2870.JPG (593522 bytes) Eeeeee, these boys are sooo frightening. So do I look scared Katrina? IMG_2871.JPG (421285 bytes) The girls hear the door slam behind them, they look, eeeeee, what is that..... IMG_2872.JPG (562806 bytes) Oh! Photo opt, how's my makeup?
IMG_2873.JPG (644093 bytes) Rats, I opened the door too late, instead of falling onto the gym floor, they escape. %#$%&. IMG_2875.JPG (618126 bytes) This is sooo much fun.... IMG_2877.JPG (662946 bytes) Would you like some candyyyyy? IMG_2878.JPG (614055 bytes) Ok, um, picked another one, please, really
IMG_2879.JPG (651554 bytes) A third one, Yes yes, please take a 3rd one. we insist. After a few kicks under the chair, Darren wakes up... IMG_2880.JPG (564586 bytes) The frightening hand spikes through the remaining candy  ... save it Darren, they've already left!
IMG_2881.JPG (431349 bytes) The newcomers gingerly take a few steps forward.. IMG_2882.JPG (504709 bytes) It's OK Kyle, it's only of the high priests. IMG_2883.JPG (498226 bytes) you call this scary??? IMG_2888.JPG (412536 bytes) The smoke machines go into overdrive. I can't find the switch to turn it off, caugh!
IMG_2885.JPG (430636 bytes) She's a witch, careful, she'll turn you into a newt. IMG_2886.JPG (426377 bytes) I like newts. IMG_2887.JPG (604907 bytes) There's a hand in there? IMG_2889.JPG (564123 bytes) See if the girls get through the door this time!
IMG_2890.JPG (574077 bytes) Hey, Hey, my ears was right there.  IMG_2891.JPG (560882 bytes) and the hand of providence comes out to save them from immanent death.  IMG_2892.JPG (567113 bytes) So there really is a hand that comes out of that bowl? IMG_2893.JPG (599956 bytes) At this point Holly pulls out her sleeping brother and fills in for him.
IMG_2898.JPG (588184 bytes) There, the hand, see. 
So who took the candy bowl?
IMG_2897.JPG (407995 bytes) So how come black lights look red?    
Dinner is Server.... IMG_2900.JPG (550269 bytes) Pumpkin bowl Chili, how appropriate is that! IMG_2901.JPG (608355 bytes) Quite the ambiance we got going here! IMG_2903.JPG (636349 bytes) So what were the boys saying about a diaper...
IMG_2904.JPG (676441 bytes) Boy this chili sure takes your breath away. IMG_2905.JPG (692183 bytes) are you sure we can trust these boys? IMG_2906.JPG (740237 bytes) Of course.  
IMG_2907.JPG (680847 bytes) Wow, you can really see a lot better out here.  IMG_2908.JPG (688820 bytes) uh, all of a sudden I'm not feeling so good, may I be excused... IMG_2909.JPG (852527 bytes) Ok so the trophy broke. I can just press his leg here, there, good as new, just don't wiggle it.  IMG_2910.JPG (630978 bytes) Well done team, you all deserve a drink,  on the house.