Great Escape - To commemorate Remembrance Day

November 10, 2015

Our boys wanted to do another Great Escape event as it had not been done in a while. They indicated they all had the day off from school, so having the event night before worked out perfectly. We used the same dog park as last time, as it has all the nice natural boundaries to keep anyone from getting lost. You could say we planned it, as it also happened to be a new moon that night. For those original POW's, this is an important alignment to help not being seen.  Escape need to be well planned in advance.

For more info from the original event during WW2 we have a few links for you:

The POW camp Stalag Luft III
and the Great Escape

It was a great evening, only -2C. Some boys opted for light jackets and no mitts, others much more heavily dressed, but no one got too cold. Each POW was given 25 token, and once tags by a German, had to give up one of them. By the end of the night the POW that retained the most tokens would win. We ended up with a 4 way tie, all having 24 tokens. Aaron won for the German, by apprehending 31 POW's. 
Poor Dan came down too sick to provide the meal. He was going to bring  his famous mobile cook trailer. So we all pitched in, and made due with hot chocolate, cookies and some pizza. Not exactly army rations, but it hit the spot at the end of the night.

Area Map

Southland & Deerfoot

Team Members

WP Scouts  - POW Trainers
WP Venturers - German Guard Trainers 
Check Point #1  - MK Leaders
Check Point #2 - MB Leaders
Check Point #3 - WP Leaders
Bike Patrol - Dave Crane, with working head lamp, repaired tire, and helmet
HQ - WP Leaders 
Dog Patrol - Sam, and Peter's Dog. 

Photo Library

DSCN6393.JPG (1789429 bytes) Early starters testing out the equipment to heat hot chocolate. DSCN6392.JPG (1694295 bytes) Bike Patrol Ready... DSCN6394.JPG (1870516 bytes) Boys start to show up.  DSCN6395.JPG (1752677 bytes) Juan takes on the personal challenge to not burn the milk.
DSCN6396.JPG (1880759 bytes) Building up that camaraderie.  DSCN6397.JPG (1828285 bytes) Checking out the cookies before heading out. May need to stash some rations. DSCN6398.JPG (1836842 bytes) I out ran them, I'm still safe. DSCN6399.JPG (1820326 bytes) Check Point #2 leaders heading to their station.
DSCN6400.JPG (1801534 bytes) Check out those glowing German arm bands. DSCN6401.JPG (1783342 bytes) Check Point #1 fellows enjoying there significantly upgraded site. 4 park benches, new fencing and a paved walk to the river. DSCN6402.JPG (1810245 bytes) Just need to get some POW's to warm these benches up first.  Lots more activity, but no one with a camera...
Boys come in for the warm up meal...      
DSCN6403.JPG (1736487 bytes) We must be in Italy now, great pizza! DSCN6404.JPG (1890177 bytes) Regular war vets discussing their heroism. DSCN6405.JPG (1863360 bytes) You could see these were famished POW's... DSCN6406.JPG (1852743 bytes) Who would have thought they deliver way out here?
DSCN6407.JPG (1838554 bytes) A shell shocked German... DSCN6408.JPG (1672568 bytes) Ich hatte meine Möglichkeiten für die Erfassung dieser 31 Kriegsgefangene DSCN6409.JPG (1840579 bytes) Stalag 13 guard Schultz : I see notting... DSCN6410.JPG (1810992 bytes) The warmth is returning. Feel the hot pizza crusts and hot chocolate warm up the hands.
DSCN6411.JPG (1758662 bytes) Still haven't run out of pizza? DSCN6412.JPG (1793124 bytes) Sam's patrol on duty. Lookout for fallen pizza crusts. Litter control is our #1 job. DSCN6413.JPG (1827194 bytes) Still not ice, not bad. DSCN6414.JPG (1858710 bytes) Stuff a pizza in the enemies face, and they like you again.
DSCN6415.JPG (1862634 bytes) See Dad, all night, no gloves. Told ya. DSCN6416.JPG (1847935 bytes) OK Sam, crusts are clear. DSCN6418.JPG (1726664 bytes) Last check point leader finally pulls in, wondering, is there any pizza left? DSCN6419.JPG (1901112 bytes) Were good, even a slice for a parent.