Great Escape

October 14, 2011

This was our 2nd attempt to do the old Great Escape.  We did a trial run of this facility back it back in 2008.  We use to do it as a regional event where it was an all night event. We cut down  the checkpoints to 5 and spanned the game from 9:00 - 12:00am 

Dan Merrel came and offered his mobile cookhouse. So the event finished with Hamburgers , hotdogs, fries and beans.  


Team Members

Michael Swann, Karl Burndorfer, Stewart Lang, Bishop Snider - Scout Leaders / Group Committee
William Lloyd, Daniel Urquijo, Connor Johnson, Jack Dabels, Kyle Johnson, Nathan Bruce, Kevin DeOliveira, Sam Lloyd  - Our Scouts/Venturers
Sam & Dexter - 123 WP troop dogs
Mackenzie, New Brighton, Cranston - Invited Troops
Dan Merrel - Mobile Cookhouse
Denys Beams - Group Committee Scouter form Victoria (Visitor)

Photo Library

Prep Night      
IMG_4071.JPG (219446 bytes) Checkpoint sign pole construction. IMG_4072.JPG (200313 bytes) POW and German Kits assembly lines IMG_4073.JPG (222315 bytes)  IMG_4074.JPG (195552 bytes)
IMG_4075.JPG (197214 bytes)      
The Event      
IMG_4076.JPG (167777 bytes) Early setup starts. IMG_4077.JPG (121636 bytes) Mobile cookhouse arrives. IMG_4078.JPG (97060 bytes) Checkpoint #3 Captain on duty  IMG_4079.JPG (125129 bytes) Nice looking  Germans
IMG_4080.JPG (156223 bytes) Checkpoint #5 team IMG_4081.JPG (139195 bytes) The meal begins IMG_4082.JPG (167118 bytes) IMG_4083.JPG (190503 bytes)
IMG_4084.JPG (159287 bytes) IMG_4085.JPG (207294 bytes) IMG_4086.JPG (223943 bytes) IMG_4087.JPG (199723 bytes)
IMG_4088.JPG (234623 bytes) IMG_4089.JPG (302190 bytes) IMG_4090.JPG (136696 bytes) IMG_4091.JPG (143299 bytes)
IMG_4092.JPG (208752 bytes) IMG_4093.JPG (196615 bytes) IMG_4094.JPG (173087 bytes) IMG_4095.JPG (112026 bytes)
IMG_4096.JPG (115144 bytes) IMG_4097.JPG (189129 bytes) IMG_4098.JPG (199322 bytes) No more burgers...  

Map with Checkpoints

Great Escape Instructions

Great Escape Kits