Go-Cart Building - Engineering Project

April 11, 2012

Boys planned an evening to take all the materials and plans together and build a traditional Boy Scout go-cart.   

Materials used were a plank of plywood, some 2x6's, 4 wheels, some angle iron, and any additional resources found along the back lane of the garage used to build it.  Boys were able to collect an old foldable metal chair, couple eye boys from discarded frying pans, a large log hammer, a table with folding legs, and some piping. 

To add in the risk factor, lot of power tools were used (under supervision of expert engineers).

Boys split up into teams for various sections. Axle and wheels, body, driver seat and controls.

Team Members

John Sobkowicz, Karl Burndorfer, John Higgins, Kendall Cahoon - Scout & YM Leaders
Darcy Dabels - Parent,  Sam - Site Supervisor
Jack Dabels, Aaron Castillo, Jakob Kellestine, Garrett Byam, Nathaniel Wilshire - Scouts
Daniel Urquijo, Sam Lloyd, William Lloyd,  - Venturers

Photo Library

IMG_0967.JPG (2231670 bytes) Measuring out the axles IMG_0968.JPG (2978375 bytes) Just because they call it a skill saw, doesn't mean you need skill to use it.  IMG_0969.JPG (2508519 bytes) Great find on this chair. Cut it down to only 10cm off the ground. Looks good. IMG_0970.JPG (2621196 bytes) You need to come up with a mounting base now guys.
IMG_0971.JPG (2170426 bytes) Getting the drill press ready for the axle parts. We're making these from the angle iron.  IMG_0972.JPG (2207179 bytes) Lets drill holes in the 2x6 bases to fit the chair legs into. IMG_0973.JPG (2434229 bytes) Tough drill man. Make sure I got the right angle here... IMG_0974.JPG (2221077 bytes) So I think the front axle can mount OK if we cut the body like this, right?
IMG_0975.JPG (2075808 bytes) Lets see how the seat would fit. Not bad.  IMG_0976.JPG (2745655 bytes) We need to rethink this axle mount. If we bolt through the middle it's not going to swivel properly.  IMG_0977.JPG (2000159 bytes) Scavenging team gets back. IMG_0978.JPG (3132310 bytes) I think we should stop for a snack break guys. Union rule eh!
IMG_0979.JPG (2209671 bytes) Checkng the fit on the angle iron and with the wheels. IMG_0980.JPG (2198896 bytes) That one was good, just need to make 3 more now. IMG_0981.JPG (2395605 bytes) Teaching the concept of a pilot hole. IMG_0982.JPG (874520 bytes) Time to fit the seat. Daniel tries out the screw gun.
IMG_0983.JPG (916220 bytes) More pressure right? IMG_0984.JPG (1003568 bytes) Yup, and hold it 90degrees to the body. IMG_0985.JPG (898047 bytes) Alright, torgued those babies in. IMG_0986.JPG (2325763 bytes) He a professional now.
IMG_0987.JPG (1951439 bytes) Just press it down, little oil, there, nice hole. IMG_0988.JPG (2898711 bytes) Was that a mouse? IMG_0989.JPG (2504247 bytes) Cool how his pants don't start on fire. IMG_0990.JPG (975831 bytes) Oh, wait, maybe they have.
IMG_0995.JPG (3041243 bytes) So you live with Jack eh, Names Sam, glad to meet you. IMG_0996.JPG (2879742 bytes) Angle iron brackets on. IMG_0997.JPG (3202038 bytes) Ready to bolt on the wheel. IMG_0998.JPG (2860633 bytes) Back wheel going on. Now check out the cool steering eye bolts. Took those of some frying pans in the garbage.
IMG_0999.JPG (870707 bytes) Getting a bit dark, but this is the last wheel, and ready for the test drive. IMG_1001.JPG (2645776 bytes) Quick weight test... IMG_1005.JPG (2761256 bytes) It works!!! So it's really dark now and the pictures didn't turn out. But it works just like we know it would.
Test Runs - the following week
IMG_1035.JPG (3475200 bytes) Has that Formula-One look, eh! IMG_1036.JPG (3531205 bytes) Seat seams to be back in snug. IMG_1037.JPG (3939459 bytes) Quick check on the Wheels, Should have used 2 wrenches to tighten these bolts. IMG_1038.JPG (2948632 bytes) So the roads around here just aren't steep enough, lets try the toboggan hill!
IMG_1039.JPG (3027150 bytes) This definitely has potential. IMG_1041.jpg (262523 bytes) Need a even more steeper incline. IMG_1042.jpg (254631 bytes) OK, lets go back to a less steeper incline IMG_1043.jpg (376313 bytes) Alright, lets go a bit stepter now that we're experienced.
IMG_1044.jpg (91635 bytes) How long can jack stay on with Sam driving? IMG_1040.JPG (2972165 bytes) Daniel dumps off Sam with a quick turn.