Ghost Dam - Water Skiing 

June 23, 2009

Wanted to experience some exhilarating cold water action and we were not disappointed with our event out here at Ghost Dam.  

The weather did warm up from the day before and got up to 18C, but by time we made it out it was down to 16C. But we came prepared with wet suits and thermal life jackets. The lake offered an "L" shape so you could choose which part of the lake was best out of the wind and waves. We we using a 2 man tube made especially for tubing behind a power boat, and we had an inboard V6 engine to take us through. It was a bit overkill to think we would want to ski at 80km, but if really wanted to we could off. I think we kepts things at around 20km and with the right waves that was plenty for us nubies. 

Team Members

Kevin Pierson, Karl Burndorfer - Scout / YM Leaders
Benjamin Burndorfer, Zachary Peterson, Friend Emit, Chris Bodek - Scouts

Photo Library

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Zach & Emmit frozen to the handles.
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