Gargantuan Cave - Leader Hike

Ed Norton,  Bill Larsen and I wanted to checkout the Gargantuan caves for a future scout hike. We only had a day to check it out. Pulled into Ed's place in Blairmore the night before and after an early breakfast made it to the parking spot by 7:00 am. 

We brought enough climbing gear to a drop into the first main pitch in the cave and back up. The trail in was a 4x4 trail that crossed a stream about 7 times. Wouldn't take a nice new 4x4 on this trip.  The hike up to the saddle was very scenic. Once over the saddle we met up with a group also heading in. We were able to find the spot in the cave where we could anchor our ropes and drop into the lower cavern. I took the drop and could get a good view of the small waterfall dropping down with me and followed the stream down a bit.

We were pressed for times so we headed back after a quick lunch.  Good thing we did as it was getting dark by time we made it out at about 11:00 pm. 

Prep List and Cave map

Picture Gallery:

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